MTG Thunder Junction ‘Aftermath’ Reveals Key to Everything!


The Outlaws of Thunder Junction had a rather riveting conclusion. Yes, we are technically still getting story chapters, but those were originally intended to be released in the Epilogue set following the Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Thanks to the poor performance of Magic’s first Epilogue set, this one got kyboshed at the last second. Honestly, this is great for fans everywhere. What we instead have is a Big Score Bonus Sheet that offers all of the craziest cards planned for the Epilogue set at a Mythic rarity.

If you want to read through the Outlaws of Thunder Junction story for yourself and want to avoid any major spoilers, we recommend you stop here and go take a gander at those chapters. There will be major lore spoilers in this article in an effort to highlight a new MTG card revealed today.

If you’ve read through all of Outlaws of Thunder Junction (not including the Big Score material), you’ll know that Ashiok was revealed to really be Jace, and Vraska was a traitor who, understandably, had her loyalty directed towards Jace.

Their goal in this heist was incredibly unexpected. It was alive.

In fact, the thing that Jace and Vraska were after appears to be a child. It is undeniably a rather unique one, but why on earth is Loot the Key to Everything?

Loot, the Key to Everything

Loot, the Key to Everything appears to be, basically, a baby or a child, and the latest chapter of Magic lore reveals why Loot is so important to the story.

Before we jump into that, though, let’s take a look at this MTG card in earnest.

Loot is a rather bizarre creature that needs to be built around to be utilized properly. This screams Commander to me at first glance, but could have an overlooked use in a competitive format. That said, the underwhelming stats, lack of ability to impact the board immediately, and reliance on other cards to generate value suggests that Loot is not meant to perform at competitive tables.

This card particularly cares about different card types under your control. If you have a decent setup of different card types, Loot can offer a ton of value each turn. You’ll never need to draw cards if Loot is exiling five cards for you to play per turn.

To be clear, the most that Loot is ever going to exile for you is six different cards. The card types that Loot cares about are Creature, Artifact, Enchantment, Battle, Planeswalker, and Kindred (referred to as Tribal in the past). Lands are another card type, but Loot specifically does not care about that.

Since Loot wants to offer a ton of impulse-drawn cards from exile, it’s best to arm your Loot deck with ways to abuse casting spells from outside your hand. Paradox payoffs from the Paradox Power Doctor Who deck, which also offers a Temur color identity, can be a quick way to structure a game plan.

Outside of that, players have already begun recommending some cards that will play well alongside Loot. Passionate Archaeologist turns all of your spells from exile into damage sources. See the Truth can ‘draw’ three cards for two mana.

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Why is Loot the Key to Everything?

If you have not read the latest story chapter at the time of writing this article, which is where Loot was spoiled, we recommend doing that if you don’t want it to be spoiled for you.

To start this story, we need to go a few years back. Before the Phyrexian Invasion, Nicol Bolas was the big bad guy. The culmination of that arc was seen in War of the Spark, where Nicol Bolas tried to absorb the Sparks of multiple Planeswalkers to essentially become a god. He was thwarted, but at the cost of Gideon’s life, amongst some other things.

Twenty years ago, before that occurred, Jace worked with Nicol Bolas. During that time, Nicol Bolas sent Jace to Thunder Junction to take care of something that even he was afraid of. This was how Jace learned of the existence of the Vault that was targeted by Oko’s team in Thunder Junction. After Jace basically said he couldn’t intrude it twenty years ago, it was basically forgotten. There are obviously some issues with this in a lore sense, as Nicol Bolas just ignoring this is very unrealistic, but that’s a story for another time.

Either way, what matters is that Jace and Vraska identified this as an opportunity to, essentially, force the Multiverse to be born anew. It has been revealed that within Loot’s mind is a map of every single plane that exists within the Multiverse, as well as how the Omenpaths connect between them all. Jace and Vraska wish to use this information to create, or basically rebirth the Multiverse into something that will not cause endless amounts of war and pain.

This could even suggest that Jace and Vraska will become the next major villains for a future MTG arc. While their plan has good intentions, rebirthing the entire Multiverse is definitely an empathetic grey area. Depending on how you look at it, Jace and Vraska could be planning to annihilate the entire universe.

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What Will the Future Bring?

Of course, the actual contents of Jace and Vraska’s plans are as clear as mud, so we don’t really know in detail what exactly it is that they plan on doing. All we do know is that it is rather grand in design and that Jace no longer claims to be a good person. His old self was killed by Phyresis, after all.

That said, it truly does appear that Jace is doing this because he feels it’s the right thing to do. Considering the Havoc that Omenpaths could, or rather do, play on the Multiverse, we’re included to side with them. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens as the story progresses. Right now the Omenpath arc is just wrapping up, and we’ve still got two more years in the overall Metronome Arc.

Up next, starting in Bloomburrow, the Dragonstorm Arc will begin and carry us through to 2025. Since Jace has been confirmed to appear on Bloomburrow, albeit as a fox, we’re bound to see more of their plans in motion. Hopefully, this will give us a clear picture of exactly what they’re up to soon, but for now we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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