Friday, March 24, 2023

Metazoo Rulings You Should Know: Water Tower Edition

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Metazoo Rulings You Should Know
Water Tower Edition

Hello Casters! With the first Tower on the horizon, what better way to celebrate than with a Rulings article revolving around cards and interactions you are likely to see?! These card interactions have been hand-picked to give Casters like you a leg up on the competition as you cast your Water Guns, and Summon your Lovelend Frogmen to the battlefield for a piece of the pie! Let’s get right into it.

Bloody Bones does NOT let you play an additional Aura Page on your Turn
Bloody bones, a 2 cost water trap page is something you may see in the Arena at the Tower. With a respectable 50 LP, this page comes into play with a nifty Fear trait as well as a powerful attack effect. Dealing 25 Damage it also allows you to reveal the top page of your Spellbook and, if it’s a water page, allows you to contract it right then and there. There are some limitations to this powerful effect however. If you have already played an Aura Page for your turn you may NOT play an additional as the one aura page per turn rule still applies!

Loveland Frogman’s additional draw arena effect text is optional
By now most Casters have heard of, and experienced the might of Loveland Frogman. A staple in competitive Metazoo and collectors alike, Loveland Frogman exudes nothing but pure power when it enters the Arena. One of which is its ability to allow the controlling caster to bookmark an additional card at the start of their turn. What many casters do not realize is that this effect is optional! Sometimes during your epic bouts with opposing casters your Spellbook may dwindle as the game goes on. Having the option to draw an additional page or not can come in handy to make sure you do not deck out!

Christmas Frogman Ornament CANNOT search for Loveland Mailman
Released with the 2022 Christmas Set, Christmas Frogman Ornament found its way into many water decks. Alongside it being a 2 cost (1 if you claim an ornament) Water Artifact Page that has 60 LP, it allows you to search your Spellbook for a page with “Love” or “Frogman” in it’s name and place it directly into your Chapter. Due to the way Metazoo uses quotation marks, the Page you search for must have Exactly that word in its name. For that reason, you would only be able to search for the following Pages: Love, Activated Frogman Mask, Chibi Loveland Frogman, Christmas Frogman, Frogman Costume & Mask, and last but not least, Loveland Frogman. Since Loveland Mailman does not have the exact words Love or Frogman in its name, you would not be able to search for it!

Confusion no longer counts as Damage during Combat. Therefore Stoneskin Negates it

A popular water page interaction (especially with both casters playing majority Water Pages in their Spellbooks for the Tower) is that between Loveland Mailman and Wallowa Lake Crustacean. Water players hoping to score a clean knockout on the Crabby fella would utilize Loveland Mailman, having Fleet and Unblockable, The Froggy Parcel Deliverer Comes into the Arena swinging hard for 35 Damage and Confusion if you have Official Metazoo Merch claimed. In the past, Casters would capitalize on Confusion dealing effect damage via a tails flip to the Crustacean, negating its powerful Arena Effect of halving Combat Damage, and scoring a kill on the pesky Crab (35 Damage divided by half (rounded down) to 15 damage + 40 from a tails on Confusion = 55.) With the new ruling and wording of Stoneskin, all damage outside of the attacking and defending between two Beasties is negated, which includes potential confusion damage. Think twice before you send your favorite Mail carrier up against that formidable Crustacean!

Thank you for making it to the end! If you enjoyed these Water Tower themed Rulings please feel free to leave a comment and let us know what else you’d like to see in the future! I hope that these Rulings and Interactions serve you well on the Tower Battlefield! As always, feel free to contact me on the Caster Society Discord with any additional questions or if you’d like for me to touch on a Ruling you’re curious about!

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