Magic: The Gathering 2022 Release Calendar


Magic: The Gathering has just released another exciting new Dungeons & Dragons set and the next release is already on the horizon! 2021 saw seven set releases across Standard and Modern alone. This doesn’t include Secret Lairs and other supplementary product releases.

It’s been debated within the community whether or not there are too many sets being released thus causing the game to be harder to follow for casual players. It’s no secret that Wizards of the Coast would push these players towards the Commander format where keeping track of sets is much less work and has little effect on deck viability.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the 2022 release calendar so far and see if things are any better or worse, depending on your personal stance. One non-standard set has already been delayed.

MTG 2022 Release Calendar

The Fortnite & Street Fighter sets are also expected in 2022

There are currently TWELVE MTG products on the release calendar for 2022. Here’s what we know is coming and when it’s currently pencilled in for;

Of course, some of these releases are product releases and not full set releases. It still already looks like a stacked year although less than half of the reveals have dates attached to them. Recently, the Street Fighter Secret Lair was leaked then made official. This is set for release in the coming weeks.

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When is the next set coming out for MTG?

The next set on the release calendar is Double Masters 2022. This set is a compilation set purpose-built for drafting. You can expect to see a ton of fan favourite cards return for this premium draft experience.

The set isn’t likely to follow the same prerelease strategy as Commander Legends but events are scheduled to take place in game stores from Friday, 1 July. One week later on 8 July will be the full release!

How often do new Magic sets come out?

While there are no strict release timings for the new sets, in recent memory they’ve been released every 2-3 months. This is for Standard sets, anyway. Releases for Modern are spaces out much farther and typically only one or two releases each year.

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