Japanese Trading Card Game AI Appraiser Now Covers Yu-Gi-Oh


People residing in Japan can now have their Yu-Gi-Oh cards appraised by AI. The Japanese trading card game AI appraiser VSS (Value Scouter Service) has added the title to its lineup of supported card games. It will also include the newest special pack, Quarter Century Chronicle side: Pride, which will be released in Japan on March 23, 2024.

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VSS was established in late June 2023 by Collectest Inc., which was also founded recently in late March 2023. The Japanese AI appraiser initially launched with support for the Pokemon Trading Card Game and Magic: The Gathering. It gradually added more titles, with One Piece Card Game joining the list in late January 2024. With Yu-Gi-Oh newly added, the Japanese AI trading card game appraiser now supports four titles.

VSS also distinguishes itself by being a Japan-based service, as many other card game appraisers are located outside the country. People can send their cards to Collectest’s office in Tokyo by mail via Yamato Transport, and the company will return them in appraised slabs after receiving payments via credit cards.

The pricing will depend on the card’s declared value. Cards valued at 50,000 yen or less will cost 3,278 yen (~$21.68) each. However, if the card is one of the rarest kinds, valued at around 25 to 50 million yen, it will cost a whopping 877,800 yen (~$5,805.50) after tax.

The VSS (Value Scouter Service) trading card game AI Appraiser is available in Japan.

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