Saturday, January 28, 2023

It’s Colossal Dreadmaw with extra steps! #MTGPhyrexia

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It’s Colossal Dreadmaw with extra steps!


Vaya mierda de carta…
Stealing jokes from reddit…….
No, it’s Colossal Dreadmaw that can’t be stopped with Essence Scatter! 😂🦖
“We have Colossal Dreadmaw at home.”

The Colossal Dreadmaw at home:

Feels like a missed flavor opportunity to have a lower equip cost for non Phyrexian creatures.
Seems like a solid sfm card that could push it into another color
Colossal Dreadchair.
Keep #OGL 1.0a and I may consider purchasing your products again.
Are we really doing a Rick and Morty reference? Read the room guys
I was hoping we would see another reprint of the most OP creature of all time! ❤️

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