Friday, March 31, 2023

How to Earn XP in MTG Arena

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MTG Arena is a completely soulless grind at the best of times. So, more often than not – regardless of your skill – earning XP is the only way to gauge progression. Whether it’s for the current mastery pass rewards or just to earn gold for card packs.

Here’s how you can earn XP in MTG Arena in the most efficient way and what your limits are because yes… there are limits in place.

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Ways to Earn XP in MTG Arena

Your daily quests, daily XP and weekly XP totals are displayed on the home page.

You can earn XP in a few different ways in MTG Arena. First off if you weekly XP which is the largest total you can earn. Your first 15 wins each week will grant you 250 XP each. Next is your daily bonuses which will grant 25 XP and 100 Gold for your first 15 wins each day.

That’s pretty much it in terms of earning XP. There will sometimes be codes released that give you bonus XP just for using them but they are quite rare compared to the more regular pack codes that are released.

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Each level of the mastery pass is set at 1000 XP, this balanced out the overall limit of available XP by not scaling it so that each level requires more and more to obtain.

While there is a balance of sorts, it does leave players who but hours into the game each day earning very little for their commitments. Given that no changes were made when we transitioned from the ’21 to ’22 season, we don’t anticipate this to change any time soon.

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