Forecasting Special Delivery Charizard Price


One of the most anticipated cards to join the Special Delivery Series has just been launched! Behold the Special Delivery Charizard card that was released to celebrate the full launch of the UK’s Pokemon Center. In this post, let’s look at how the card has been faring since its release.

  • Prices from TCGPlayer’s historical sales history for the card are accurate as of Sep 03, 2022.

Daily Median Selling Price

From the daily median selling price, we can see that since the release, there has been a huge drop in the selling prices for the card. Looking at the statistical overview below, we can see that selling prices for the card are very volatile, with a high standard deviation measured.

Average Items Sold Per Day

Regarding total items sold per day, we see a spike in sales on Aug 29, 2022; on average, nine cards are sold per day as of this writing.

Correlation Between Quantity Sold and Price

Correlation-wise, this card has a moderately negative correlation between the quantity sold and price. This means that as more quantities of this card are sold, prices decrease and vice versa.

Short Term Price Forecast

Based on the extracted trends and forecasting model, it seems like there is more room for the prices to continue decreasing for the card in the coming days. Our model has the following forecasted price in the next seven days as of this writing.

Disclaimer: data and analysis written in this post are solely for informational purposes and should not be used to make speculative purchases on items such as Pokémon cards.