Fish Five-0: Esper Midrange Can Still Dunk


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Esper Midrange was a powerhouse last standard and took me to high mythic numerous times. Well, its time to dust off the Esper Midrange gameplan and see if it can stand up to Mono Black midrange and its many variants!

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Raffine, Scheming Seer and Wedding Announcement are still the powerhouses of the deck and will accrue so much value over time if left alone. These two cards alone make it so you can’t really tell that there was a rotation. We are like any other black-based midrange deck. We do have Tenacious Underdog as a core engine piece to grind out games. The good news is that we also play a Dennick, Pious Apprentice as a way to protect our graveyard from targeted abilities like Graveyard Trespasser while still being able to use our Disturb/Tenacious Underdog cards from the yard!


The deck still pilots beautifully and helped us climb to Mythic pretty easily so at least we know the deck can still hold its own! The meta shifts between its many midrange varients, but this one feels the most different from other decks, and it’s quite refreshing and fun!

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