Thursday, June 1, 2023

‘Fabled-S: Archnotes’ Launches on Kickstarter

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Fabled Sagas launched Fabled-S: Archnotes, the first set in a new anime-style fantasy TCG, onto Kickstarter.

Fabled-S  is a new TCG with original lore, design, and mechanics. It features traditional TCG gameplay where players try to defeat their opponent by deploying a variety of characters to attack them and utilize different combos and chains to deal damage. The goal of the game is to reduce an opponents’ Vitality to zero, at which point, they lose the game.

This TCG also features absolutely stunning original artwork. Fabled Sagas makes a point of noting that they never use AI generated artwork, and all their art goes through a process of sketches and drafts to arrive at a final illustration. As far as collectability goes, Archnotes will introduce five rarities of cards: Basics, Rares, Mystics, Parables, and Scripts. The Mystics, Parables, and Scripts rarities will have unique foil textured treatments.   

The Kickstarter has raised $338,666 from 381 backers ($889 per backer) with 28 days left. The campaign offers an LGS pledge level which includes 6 Archnotes Booster Displays, 4 Stormage: Initiator Decks, 4 Magi: Initiator Decks, 2 Vagabonds Playmats, 2 Vagabonds Sleeves, 4 Astralillies: Team Up! Promos, and 2 LGS Supply Bundles for $500 or more.

The projected shipping date for this game is Q1 2024.

Click on Gallery below for full-size images!   

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