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Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 2022 Topps x Juan Soto Baseball

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Topps X is a concept that was introduced in 2018 with the Topps x Bryce Harper online exclusive. The idea is that Topps teams up with a player (or artist/celebrity) to put together a set. The player has control of the checklist, while also contributing to the design of the set. The baseball players that have had Topps X sets include Harper, Pete Alonso, Aaron Judge, Francisco Lindor, Derek Jeter, Wander Franco, Vladimir Guerrero, Jr., Bobby Witt, Jr., and Fernando Tatis, Jr. 

Add Juan Soto to that list. 2022 Topps x Juan Soto went live on the card maker’s website in December. The checklist features 68 total cards split into seven subsets. Each box will have just one pack of 25 cards. You should expect to find two numbered parallels in each box. There are also autographs randomly inserted into the product, but not guaranteed in each box. 

2022 Topps x Juan Soto Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 25
Packs per box: 1
Price paid: $39.99

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Calling Cards:

Tim Anderson, Nomar Garciaparra, Sammy Sosa & Bo Jackson

Calling Cards feature players doing something they are known for. Anderson’s bat toss, Nomar’s batter’s box superstitions, Sammy’s home run hop, and Bo breaking a bat over his knee.

Postseason Moments:

All of the Postseason Moments cards feature Soto during the Nationals World Series run of 2019.

Homeland Inspirations:

Adrian Beltre and Albert Pujols

Homeland Inspirations celebrates players from the Dominican Republic.

Bestias Del Juego:

Nelson Cruz & Manny Machado

Translation: Game Beasts

Derby Dynamos:

Frank Thomas, Ryan Howard & Andre Dawson

Odd that they chose a photo of Dawson not participating in the home run derby. Dawson won the derby in 1987.

The Showdown:

Juan Marichal, Mariano Rivera & Nolan Ryan

The Showdown focuses on pitchers who were famous for giving hitters some tough at-bats.

Bright Futures:

Sandy Alcantara, Bobby Witt, Jr. RC, Luis Robert & Gleyber Torres

Parallels and Autograph:

Ichiro Suzuki Black & White (66/99), Juan Marichal Orange (10/22) and a Juan Soto Autograph!

Autographs fall just once in every five boxes. I do appreciate the fact that, for Soto, it is on-card.

No telling when the next Topps X set might be released. The Wander Franco set went live in January, but has not yet shipped. That is one of the negatives to these releases. If you do order them, be prepared to wait a while. I ordered the Soto set back in December and just received it this week. Lucky for me, my box was worth the wait.

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