Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 2005 Topps Opening Day Baseball


Opening Day is here! The full regular season kicks off (checks notes) tomorrow!

2005 Topps Opening Day Baseball has a slimmed down checklist of just 165 cards. The design parallels that of the regular flagship release, but with an Opening Day logo and blueish foil player last names. Honestly, I like the blue foil look more than the regular release’s silver foil. Opening Day packs were only available at retail. 

As far as chase cards go, there are no inserts, no parallels, but there are autographs. The list of signers is tiny, with just six players: Aaron Hill, Anthony Whittington, Chad Cordero, Felix Hernandez, Omar Quintanilla and Paul Maholm. They are also extremely tough to find, landing just once in every 965 packs. That is about one in every 27 boxes. 

2005 Topps Opening Day Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 6
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $40

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Pack 1 highlights:

Mike Mussina, Nomar Garciaparra, Torii Hunter & Miguel Cabrera

Pack 2:

Chipper Jones, Mike Piazza & Moises Alou

Pack 3:

Paul Konekro, Edgar Renteria & Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro makes just about every card he appears on look cool.


Pack 4:

Adrian Beltre & Billy Wagner

Pack 5:

Ken Griffey, Jr., Manny Ramirez, Jake Peavy & Red Sox 2004 World Series

Pack 6:

Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman & Gary Sheffield

Pack 7:

Derek Jeter, Matt Holliday & Mike Cameron

Pack 8:

CC Sabathia, Magglio Ordonez, Jeff Bagwell & Randy Johnson

Pack 9:

Alex Rodriguez, Eric Chavez & Derrek Lee

Pack 10:

Mariano Rivera, Albert Pujols & Jason Bay

Pack 11:

Barry Bonds, J.D. Drew, Justin Morneau & Joe Mauer

Pack 12:

Francisco Rodriguez, Cliff Floyd, Ivan Rodriguez & Bartolo Colon

Pack 13:

Greg Maddux & Barry Zito

A couple of Cy Young winners, Maddux with four and Zito with one. 

Pack 14:

Zack Greinke, Kevin Brown & Bernie Williams

Pack 15:

Kevin Millar, Jose Vidro & Travis Hafner

Pack 16:

Curt Schilling & Jimmy Rollins

Pack 17:

Carlos Delgado & Jose Reyes

Pack 18:

John Smoltz, Johnny Damon, Jim Thome & Bobby Abreu

Pack 19:

Nomar Garciaparra, Torii Hunter & Miguel Cabrera

Pack 20:

Magglio Ordonez, Red Sox WS & C.C. Cabathia

Pack 21:

Paul Konerko, Edgar Renteria, Ichiro Suzuki & Craig Biggio

Pack 22:

Adrian Beltre, Mark Mulder & Billy Wagner

Pack 23:

Carlos Delgado, Garret Anderson & Todd Helton

Pack 24:

Lance Berkman, Gary Sheffield & Eric Chavez

Pack 25:

Derek Jeter, Matt Holliday & Jim Edmonds

Pack 26:

Scott Rolen, Roy Oswalt, Moises Alou & Ken Griffey, Jr.

Pack 27:

Derrek Lee, Alex Rodriguez & Frank Thomas

Pack 28:

Vernon Wells & Miguel Tejada

Does anyone else immediately notice any card pictures taken at their favorite ballpark? Just me?

Pack 29:

Manny Ramirez, Jake Peavy, Larry Walker & Tim Hudson

Pack 30:

Sammy Sosa & Mark Prior

Pack 31:

Ben Sheets, Shawn Green & Vladimir Guerrero

Pack 32:

Jeff Bagwell, Randy Johnson & Pedro Martinez

Pack 33:

Andruw Jones, Jorge Posada & Johan Santana

Pack 34:

Eric Gagne, Alfonso Soriano & David Ortiz

Pack 35:

Carlos Beltran, Kerry Wood, Mark Teixeira & Pat Burrell

Pack 36:

Jeff Kent & Carlos Lee

Lastly, the Kent card back. Look at those 1997-2004 numbers.

No autograph card here, but that is to be expected. There aren’t a ton of these boxes out there. Sadly, Opening Day made its final appearance (at least for now) in 2022.

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