Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1995 Fleer Update Baseball


By the mid-’90s, Fleer was full steam ahead with insert mania. Many of their products advertised the fact that an insert would be found in each and every pack. That certainly helped to make ripping packs a lot more fun. 

1995 Fleer Update Baseball consists of a 200-card base checklist with many featuring rookies making their debuts and traded players in their new uniforms. The multiple base designs featured in the set were…a lot.

The release also features three common insert cards: Headliners, Rookie Update, and Diamond Tribute, that were found in every handful of packs. Just one insert, Soaring Stars, is a difficult pull, falling just once in each box. 

While there were a ton of rookies on the checklist, there was one that stood above the rest—Hideo “The Tornado” Nomo. 

1995 Fleer Update Baseball Box Break

Cards per pack: 12
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $18

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Pack 1 highlights:

Matt Williams Headliners (1:3 packs)

There were 20 Headliners inserts on the checklist. Seeing as they were found once in every three packs, you could put together half the insert set in a single box. 

Pack 2:

Ken Caminiti & Tim Salmon Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 3:

Todd Stottlemeyer & Greg Maddux Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 4:

Ray Durham & Hideo Nomo Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 5:

Jack McDowell & Kirby Puckett Headliners (1:3 packs)

Puckett is still a fan-favorite. It makes sense, as he had a very successful, although short career in Minnesota. 

Pack 6:

Dave Winfield, Lee Smith, Vinny Castilla & Rickey Henderson Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 7:

Mike Piazza Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 8:

Hideo Nomo & Esteban Loaiza Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 9:

An insert hot pack! Rookie Update inserts of Shawn Green, Ray Durham & Shane Andrews. Headliners inserts of Joe Carter, Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds, Albert Belle & Jeff Bagwell. Lastly, Diamond Tribute insert cards of Albert Belle, David Cone, Barry Bonds & Jeff Bagwell. 

Insert hot packs were found once in every two boxes. 

Pack 10:

Ken Griffey, Jr. Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs) & Chipper Jones Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 11:

Dave Stewart, Alex Rodriguez & Dennis Eckersley Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 12:

A couple of Red Sox; Jose Canseco & Mo Vaughn Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 13:

Garret Anderson & Charles Johnson Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Johnson finished seventh in the 1995 NL Rookie of the Year balloting while winning a Gold Glove behind the dish. 

Pack 14:

Fernando Valenzuela, Kevin Brown & Frank Thomas Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 15:

Chipper Jones, Larry Walker, Jim Abbott & David Cone Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 16:

Jose Offerman & Shawn Green Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 17:

Gregg Jefferies & Tim Salmon Headliners (1:3 packs)

Remember when Jefferies was going to be a massive star? That never quite materialized but he did put together a solid 14-year major league career. 

Pack 18:

Ron Gant & Barry Bonds Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 19:

Andy Pettitte & Ray Durham Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 20:

Fernando Valenzuela & Mike Piazza Soaring Stars (1:36 packs)

Pack 21:

Kirby Puckett Headliners (1:3 packs)

Puckett made his first All-Star team in his third season. He would make the mid-summer squad every season from then on. 

Pack 22:

David Cone, Ray Durham & Albert Belle Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 23:

Jack McDowell & Mike Piazza Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 24:

Andre Dawson, Charles Johnson, Tony Fernandez, John Wetteland & Shane Andrews Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 25:

Ken Caminiti, Otis Nixon, Derek Bell & Fred McGriff Headliners (1:3 packs)

I think McGriff stands a good chance of Hall of Fame election this winter, through the Today’s Game Committee balloting in December. 

Pack 26:

Hideo Nomo & Jeff Bagwell Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Pack 27:

Marquis Grissom & Julian Tavarez Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 28:

Terry Pendleton & Greg Maddux Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 29:

Fernando Valenzuela, Kevin Brown, Orel Hershiser, Vinny Castilla, Lee Smith, Dave Winfield & Matt Williams Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Kevin Brown is another name that often gets overlooked. He finished his career with 211 wins and a 3.28 ERA. 

Pack 30:

Andy Pettitte & Tim Salmon Soaring Stars (1:36 packs)

Pack 31:

Brad Radke & Alex Rodriguez Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 32:

Dave Stewart, Alex Rodriguez & Kenny Lofton Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 33:

Benito Santiago, Garret Anderson & Ken Griffey, Jr. Headliners (1:3 packs)

Benito Santiago won the NL Rookie of the Year award following the 1987 season. He followed that up by winning three straight Gold Gloves from 1988-1990. 

Pack 34:

Brett Butler & John Nunnally Rookie Update (1:4 packs)

Pack 35:

Tom Henke & Juan Gonzalez Headliners (1:3 packs)

Pack 36:

Brian McRae & Greg Maddux Diamond Tribute (1:5 packs)

Lastly, the Canseco card back. Nothing like a modeling headshot to make a card back.

This was quite the box. I hit an insert hot pack! Found just once in every two boxes, this hot pack was loaded with a dozen inserts. Not only that, but I ended up pulling two of the Soaring Stars inserts typically found just once in each box. While the three common inserts are pretty plain visually, the Soaring Stars cards really pop with the use of foil.

All in all, a fun break even with the base designs that’ll make your head spin. 

The end of the baseball season is near! I will feature just one more baseball break next week before we switch over to football for the winter.

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