Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1994 Score Football


1994 Score Football features an interesting color scheme. Remember those paper cups with the purple and teal swirls? The entire 330-card base set featured teal and purple borders. Those cups are the first thing I think of any time I see one of these. Other than the base set there wasn’t a whole lot going on with this release. The highlight of the set, in my opinion, are the Gold Zone parallels. These cards feature full gold foil fronts and look a whole lot better than the purple combo. 

Other than the base cards and Gold Zone parallels? There’s just one insert set and a tough one at that. Dream Team holograms are the only other chase. They are found just once in every two boxes. One can hope, right?

1994 Score Football Box Break

Cards per pack: 14
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $25

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Pack 1 highlights:

Jeff Hostetler, John Randle & Gerald Williams Gold Zone (one per pack)

Pack 2:

Darrell Green, Rick Mirer FF & Jets Gold Zone

What do you think of the team checklists receiving the Gold Zone treatment? I think I would much rather pull a player card. 

Pack 3:

Alvin Harper, Dan Marino & Will Wolford Gold Zone

Pack 4:

Randall Cunningham, Tim Brown, Cris Carter & Barry Sanders Gold Zone

A Barry Gold Zone? Check that thing out!

Pack 5:

Reggie White, Trent Dilfer RC, John Elway & Patriots Gold Zone

Pack 6:

Bernie Kosar, Irving Fryar, Cortez Kennedy, Joe Montana & Howard Ballard Gold Zone

Pack 7:

Jeff George, Mo Lewis & Mark Carrier Gold Zone

Pack 8:

Troy Aikman, Ken Norton, Chris Warren & Dolphins Gold Zone

Pack 9:

Steve Atwater, Randall Cunningham, Dan Marino, Daryl Johnston, Tim Brown & Mark Stepnoski Gold Zone

Pack 10:

Jerome Bettis FF, Rod Woodson, Art Monk & Cornelius Bennett Gold Zone

Pack 11:

Jerome Bettis, Jerry Rice, Marshall Faulk RC, Drew Bledsoe FF & Raiders Gold Zone

This was the Raiders from two locations ago, not Las Vegas, not Oakland, but LA.

Pack 12:

Eric Metcalf & Eddie Murray Gold Zone

Pack 13:

Morten Andersen, Terry Allen & Michael Haynes Gold Zone

Pack 14:

Greg Lloyd, Willie McGinest RC, Dana Stubblefield FF, Boomer Esiason, Andre Rison & Chiefs Gold Zone

Who you got this weekend? Chiefs or 49ers?

Pack 15:

Steve Young, Garrison Hearst FF, Ronnie Lott & Rod Bernstine Gold Zone

Pack 16:

Michael Irvin, Charles Haley & Greg Montgomery Gold Zone

Pack 17:

Jerry Rice, Jerome Bettis & Colts Gold Zone

Pack 18:

Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Ronnie Lott & Harris Barton Gold Zone

Pack 19:

Deion Sanders & Gary Clark Gold Zone

Pack 20:

Steve Atwater, Troy Aikman, Marshall Faulk RC & Ben Coates Gold Zone

We are all in agreement that the Gold Zones are pretty dang attractive, right?

Pack 21:

Sterling Sharpe, James Jett FF & Stan Humphries Gold Zone

Pack 22:

Marcus Allen, Bernie Kosar, Rick Mirer FF & Richmond Webb Gold Zone

Pack 23:

Johnnie Morton RC & Boomer Esiason Gold Zone

Pack 24:

Terry Kirby & Steve Tasker Gold Zone

Pack 25:

Errict Rhett RC, Brett Favre & Larry Centers Gold Zone

Pack 26:

Deion Sanders, Johnnie Morton RC & Rocket Ismail Gold Zone

Pack 27:

Drew Bledsoe FF, Jerry Rice, Jerome Bettis & Anthony Smith Gold Zone

Pack 28:

Mark Collins Gold Zone

Pack 29:

Junior Seau, Warren Moon, Andre Reed & Oilers Gold Zone

Pack 30:

Emmitt Smith MVP, Charles Haley, Steve Young & Ethan Horton Gold Zone

Pack 31:

The Sharpe Brothers; Sterling & Shannon Gold Zone

Pack 32:

Irving Fryar, Greg Lloyd, Joe Montana & Broncos Gold Zone

Pack 33:

Vinny Testaverde & Jesse Sapolu Gold Zone

Pack 34:

Errict Rhett RC & Reggie White Gold Zone

Pack 35:

Ken Norton & Browns Gold Zone

Pack 36:

Ricky Watters, Art Monk & Willie Davis Gold Zone

Lastly, the Monk card back. He already had a couple 1,000 yard receiving seasons under his belt by this point. 

We’re closing in on the end of another year of NFL. With that, the Cheap Wax Wednesday football season is nearing its finish as well. After next week, the focus shifts back over to baseball.

Want more installments of Shane Salmonson’s Cheap Wax Wednesday? Check out his other breaks in the archives.

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