Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1990 Score Series 1 Football


This week we kick it all the way back to 1990, which was 33 years ago. Can you believe it? 1990 Score Football is split into two series with equal 330-card checklists. And that is it. Well, almost. Each Series 1 pack has a Super Bowl trivia card. But, other than that, just it’s base cards.

There are no insert sets, which was the norm back in 1990. However, what this set lacks in exciting insert cards it more than makes up for with early ’90s deisgn goodness. You want lightning backgrounds? A full moon featured on a certain QBs card? They’re both here, not to mention this checklist is absolutely loaded with Hall of Famers.

As far as Rookie Cards go, Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau is the Series 1 highlight.

1990 Score Series 1 Football Box Break

Cards per pack: 16 + 1 trivia card
Packs per box: 36
Price paid: $10

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Pack 1 highlights:

Barry Sanders, Mel Gray, Phil Simms, Andre Rison, Barry Sanders Ground Force & each pack has a Super Bowl trivia card

Pack 2:

Bo Jackson, Barry Sanders & Eric Metcalf

Pack 3:

Ickey Woods, Bobby Humphrey GF & Christian Okoye GF

Pack 4:

Fred Marion, Morten Andersen & Roger Craig GF

No, in this case “GF” does not mean gluten-free or girlfriend. Here, it’s “Ground Force.”

Pack 5:

Bo Jackson, Bernie Kosar & Joe Montana Hot Gun

Pack 6:

Bruce Smith, Cornelius Bennett, Roger Craig & Junior Seau RC

Pack 7:

Barry Sanders, Eric Metcalf, Boomer Esiason, Andre Reed, Christian Okoye GF & Randall McDaniel

If you are going to find multiple dupes in the first seven packs, they might as well be Sanders!

Pack 8:

Joe Montana, Steve Grogan, Warren Moon, Deion Sanders & Andre Rison

Pack 9:

Rod Woodson & Dave Krieg

Pack 10:

Rod Woodson, Andre Ware RC & another Junior Seau RC 

Remember these giant shoulder pads? You don’t see those in the NFL these days.

Pack 11:

Herschel Walker, Steve Atwater & Cris Carter

Pack 12:

Eric Allen, Vinny Testaverde & Jerry Rice

Pack 13:

Brian Blades, Howie Long, Mark Rypien HG, Neal Anderson GF & Roger Craig GF

Does Mark Rypien seem an odd choice for Hot Guns? He did fire 22 touchdown passes in 1989. He also finished fourth in MVP voting following the 1991 season so maybe they were onto something here.

Pack 14:

Jim Everett, Art Monk, Willie Anderson, Roger Craig and yet another Seau RC

Pack 15:

Neal Anderson, Steve Young, Marcus Allen, Jim Everett HG, Thurman Thomas GF & Warren Moon HG

Pack 16:

Jessie Tuggle RC, Dan Marino HG, Bo Jackson GF, Thurman Thomas GF & Steve McMichael

Steve “Mongo” McMichael was a part of the 1985 Bears Super Bowl squad.

Pack 17:

Brian Blades & Bernie Kosar

Pack 18:

Phil Simms & Jim Kelly

Pack 19:

A couple of Bengals, James Brooks & Boomer Esiason

You can still see Esiason every Sunday as an analyst on CBS.

Pack 20:

Merril Hoge & Roger Craig

Pack 21:

Troy Aikman, Jim Kelly HG, Jim Everett HG & Jackie Slater

Pack 22:

Barry Sanders & Steve Young

Sanders was a Pro Bowl selection after all 10 of his seasons. He retired at 30 after rushing for 1,491 yards in 1998.

Pack 23:

Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms & Bernie Kosar HG

Pack 24:

Cris Carter

Pack 25:

Cornelius Bennett

Bennett was selected as an All-1990s Team linebacker by the HOF.

Pack 26:

John Elway, Marcus Allen, Jim Kelly HG & Jim Everett HG

Pack 27:

Jim Everett, Thurman Thomas & Bo Jackson GF

Pack 28:

Don Majkowski HG

Majkowski, another off Hot Gun choice. However, he did put up a monster 1989 season. He finished second in the MVP voting after throwing for a league-leading 4,318 yards.

Pack 29:

Troy Aikman, Dan Marino, Steve Young, Marcus Allen, Joe Montana HG & Cris Carter

Pack 30:

Mike Singletary, Warren Moon, Deion Sander, Andre Rison & Mark Clayton

Pack 31:

Randall McDaniel, Reggie White, Charles Haley & Thurman Thomas

Pack 32:

Vinny Testaverde

It is great to see the creamsicle Bucs jerseys back into the rotation this season.

Pack 33:

Jim Kelly HG

Pack 34:

Dan Marino HG, Bo Jackson GF & Clay Matthews

Combined, Clay Matthews and his son made 10 Pro Bowl rosters.

Pack 35:

Eric Metcalf, John Elway, Sterling Sharpe, Warren Moon HG, Steve Atwater, Morten Andersen & Rodney Hampton RC

Pack 36:

Morten Andersen, Bernie Kosar HG & Roger Craig GF

Lastly, the Elway card back. Check out that mullet coming out the back of that helmet! Ah, 1990. 

How can you go wrong with one of these for just $10? The fun of pulling a ton of football legends is enough, not to mention the classic 1990 style. Sure, there were quite a few duplicates in this one, but Barry Sanders and Junior Seau RC doubles? It could certainly be worse.

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