Bushiroad Announces new ‘hololive production’ Set


‘hololive production feat. Weiss Schwarz Amabassadors’

Bushiroad announced hololive production feat. Weiss Schwarz Amabassadors, a new premium set for Weiss Schwarz TCG, which will hit retail on August 2, 2024.

The new premium set comes with a pre-constructed deck and a PR Pack that features the characters of hololive production. The 50-card deck comes with 17 types of cards, 15 types of which have new abilities. These cards can be used in decks with other cards that have card numbers that begin with [HOL/].

The PR Pack comes with 2 frameless foil parallels from pre-constructed deck. This set also includes a pack of 55 sleeves, a deck case, and a storage box. Preorder ends on April 18, 2024 for this product, and it will be available for presales at Anime Expo 2024 and Gen Con 2024.

Bushiroad also announced Paragons of the Colosseum, a new booster set for Shadowverse Evolve TCG (see “‘Love Live! School idol festival Series 10th Anniversary’“).

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