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Brock Purdy Rookie Card Guide and Other Early Football Card Highlights

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Heading into the 2022 season, finding a Brock Purdy Rookie Card wasn’t supposed to be a big deal. Quarterback or not, he was the last player taken in the 2022 NFL Draft. Mr. Irrelevant.

And it’s not like the San Francisco 49ers needed another quarterback. The Trey Lance Era was about to begin and Jimmy Garoppolo was brought back just in case. But sometimes opportunity happens. And for Purdy, he’s made the most of it thus far, causing a rush on what early cards he does have — which aren’t a lot compared to other 2022 rookies like Kenny Pickett and Sam Howell.

With Lance’s season already over, Garoppolo joined him on the sidelines with a foot injury in Week 13 of the regular season. Purdy stepped in and the 49ers won then proceeded to win five more in a row, bringing their regular season-ending streak to 10 games.

Although he has a very strong team surrounding him, Purdy has performed well. His cards? Even stronger. Some of his early autographs that were selling for under $30 in the fall were fetching $500 or more in the playoffs. Purdy has reignited interest to the 2022 football card lineup, which hasn’t seen any other major rookie breakouts yet.

But with this rapid increase in prices comes a lot of risk. There are no guarantees as to Purdy’s role in 2023 and beyond. At this point, he’s played well but only in a handful of games. Of course, he may have earned the starting QB role in San Francisco going forward. Or he could be traded while his value is high. Purdy could also go back to the bench. All scenarios are plausible at this point.

Because Purdy wasn’t a high-profile rookie, he wasn’t a part of the NFLPA Rookie Premiere where Panini collects a lot of autograph and memorabilia assets. It also helps set some of the key rookies for their sets each year. So while collectors have some choices when it comes to Brock Purdy Rookie Cards and other autographs and inserts, there aren’t nearly as many as his peers that went earlier in the draft.

Here’s a breakdown of the major highlights you can look for.

Brock Purdy Rookie Card Guide

This list features only base Rookie Cards with the RC tag in the Beckett database. Inserts and parallels are not. More will be added as new sets come out.

Separate lists for autographs and key collegiate cards follow.

2022 Certified Brock Purdy Rookie Card #181 /399

One of the hobby’s early premium brands, foil has long been one of the cornerstone features of Certified. Although still elevated compared to some base brands, others have since passed it. As a result, this is often a place to find somewhat reasonably priced alternatives to autographs and other rarities. Purdy’s RC in 2022 Certified Football has 399 copies. It’s in the Mirror parallels where things really pop, though.

Parallels: Mirror, Bronze Mirror (/275), Pink Mirror (/199), Orange Mirror (/149), Red Mirror (/99), Blue Mirror (/75), Teal Mirror (/50), Gold Mirror (/25), Teal Mirror FOTL (/20), Gold Mirror FOTL (/15), Purple Mirror (/10), Purple Mirror FOTL (/10), Green Mirror (/5), Green Mirror FOTL (/5), Black Mirror (1/1), Black Mirror FOTL (1/1)

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2022 Elite Brock Purdy Rookie Card #185 /999

One of the earliest sets of the season, you’re not going to find Purdy in uniform or even 49ers practice threads on his 2022 Elite Rookie Card. With 999 numbered copies, it’s not particularly rare. But it is an added feature that a lot of collectors like, cementing the idea of being limited. Parallels incorporate several features including color, foil patterns and die-cuts.

Parallels: Green, Pink, Razzle Dazzle, Explosion Status (/499), Shimmer Aspirations (/499), Red (/399), Sparkle Status (/275), Stars Aspirations (/275), Purple (/99), Aspirations (/86), Yellow (/75), Orange (/49), Teal (/25), Aspirations Die-Cut (/24), Status Die-Cut (/24), Status (/14), Blue (/10), Gold (/10), Red Status Die-Cut (/7), Black (1/1)

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2022 Elite Brock Purdy Rookie Card

2022 Panini Black Brock Purdy Rookie Card #200

It might not have a serial number, but the base versions of the 2022 Panini Black Brock Purdy Rookie Card is not an easy find. For starters, Black is a high-end leaning product so individual collectors aren’t likely to be opening a lot of it. Boxes have just one base card and the checklist has 200 cards. Put all that together and you’ve got a card that likely won’t pop up very often in the not-too-distant future.

Parallels: Silver (/75), Sapphire (/35), Copper (/25), Emerald (/10), Ruby (/8), Gold (/5), Platinum (1/1)

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2022 Panini Black Brock Purdy Rookie Card

2022 Panini Mosaic Brock Purdy Rookie Card #367

This is one of the more readily available Brock Purdy Rookie Cards. Hailing from a product with wide availability at both the hobby and retail levels, there’s lots of them out there, which should keep prices reasonable no matter what the quarterback’s future holds. 2022 Panini Mosaic Football has a massive parallel rainbow, though, that provides the chase.

Parallels: Camo Pink Mosaic, Genesis Mosaic, Green Mosaic, Honeycomb, Mosaic, Orange Reactive Mosaic, Peacock Choice Mosaic, Red Mosaic, Red and Green Choice Mosaic, Silver, Silver No Huddle Mosaic, White Sparkle, Blue Mosaic (/99), Red and Yellow Choice Fusion Mosaic (/80), Blue No Huddle Mosaic (/75), Purple No Huddle Mosaic (/50), Purple Mosaic (/49), Orange Fluorescent Mosaic (/25), White Mosaic (/25), Pink No Huddle Mosaic (/20), Gold Wave Mosaic (/17), Blue Fluorescent (/15), Tessellation Mosaic (/15), Green Swirl Mosaic (/11), Pink Swirl Mosaic (/11), Gold Mosaic (/10), Gold No Huddle Mosaic (/10), Red Wave Mosaic (/9), Black Gold Choice Mosaic (/8), Black Mosaic (1/1), Black No Huddle Mosaic (1/1), Nebula Choice Mosaic (1/1)

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2022 Panini Mosaic Brock Purdy Rookie Card

2022 Panini Spectra Brock Purdy Rookie Card #198

Like Black, the 2022 Panini Spectra Brock Purdy Rookie Card might not have a serial number but that doesn’t make it common. The base version is actually fairly tough to find. The reason is simple. Spectra is a high-end brand that emphasizes autographs and memorabilia cards. So packs are expensive and don’t deliver a lot of base cards. Factor in the fact that the standard base set has 200 cards and it’s all of a sudden a tough pull.

The card itself is rooted in opti-chrome but taken to premium levels. This means stock that’s noticeably thicker than cards found in Prizm, Select and Donruss Optic. Spectra further stands out with its unique parallels, many of which draw inspiration from space and different patterns.

Parallels: Silver, Celestial (/99), Hyper (/75), Interstellar (/60), Neon Blue Die-Cut (/50), Astral (/40), Neon Green Die-Cut (/30), Meta (/25), Neon Pink Die-Cut (/20), Neon Orange Die-Cut (/15), Wave (/11), Universal Die-Cut (/10), Neon Splatter (/8), Psychedelic (/5), Neon Marble (/4), Nebula (/2), Gold (1/1)

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2022 Panini Spectra Brock Purdy Rookie Card

Early Brock Purdy Autograph Cards

In addition to his Rookie Cards, Brock Purdy has some autograph inserts as well. Here’s a look at some of the first to hit the market. Because he was not a high-profile rookie, collectors don’t have nearly as many options as other top picks and position players. That’s resulted in greater demand for what is out there, even if print runs aren’t miniscule.

2022 Certified Rookie Signatures Brock Purdy #RS-BP /149

Like Purdy’s RC in the set, his Rookie Signatures card is done with foil, lending itself a moderately upscale look. The base version has just 149 copies but the total number with parallels is around 500.

Parallels: Mirror Red (/99), Mirror Blue (/75), Mirror Teal (/50), Mirror Gold (/25), Red Etch (/25), Blue Etch (/20), Teal Etch (/15), Gold Etch (/10), Mirror Purple (/10), Mirror Green (/5), Purple Etch (/5), Green Etch (/3), Black Etch (1/1), Mirror Black (1/1)

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2022 Certified Rookie Signatures Brock Purdy

2022 Elite Turn of the Century Autographs Brock Purdy #TC-70 /99

Purdy’s lone autograph in 2022 Elite Football is a tough one. Numbered to 99 for the most common version, there are just seven levels of parallels. This is one for collectors who like a lot happening design-wise.

Parallels: Red (/75), Purple (/49), Black Gold (/25), Orange (/25), Blue (/10), Gold (/5), Black (1/1)

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2022 Panini Black Rookie Autographs Brock Purdy #200 /199

Look familiar? If you’re looking at Purdy’s base RC in 2022 Panini Black, it will. That’s because both carry the same design, essentially making the autograph an extension of the parallels.

Parallels: Silver (/50), Sapphire (/35), Copper (/25), Emerald (/10), Gold (/5), Platinum (1/1)

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2022 Panini Mosaic Rookie Autographs Mosaic Brock Purdy #RAM-BP

Mosaic takes chrome in a different direction for Purdy’s autograph, adding the brand’s distinctive background pattern to the mix. There’s a lot going on with this one, but the signature spot still manages to stand out.

Parallels: Choice Fusion Red and Yellow, Red, Blue (/99), Purple (/49), White (/25), Gold (/10), Choice Black Gold (/8), Black (1/1), White Sparkle (1/1)

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2022 Panini Spectra Rookie Autographs Brock Purdy #40 /99

Hailing from one of the season’s more premium products and having the low print run to match, this could be one of the top Brock Purdy autographs from his rookie season. It’s also his first to feature him in a full 49ers uniform. The color-match borders built into the design add a little extra in the aesthetics department as well.

Parallels: Celestial (/75), Hyper (/60), Blue Neon (/50), Green Neon (/35), Meta (/25), Pink Neon (/15), Orange Neon (/10), Splatter Neon (/8), Psychedelic (/5), Marble Neon (/4), Nebula (/2), Gold (1/1)

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Brock Purdy Collegiate Card Highlights

Panini has a handful of collegiate products that Brock Purdy appears in. The following isn’t an exhaustive list, but it does highlight some of his key cards highlighting his time at Iowa State.

2022 Immaculate Collegiate Brock Purdy AUTO Patch #99 /99

An on-card autograph and large swatch highlight the main Brock Purdy card in 2022 Panini Immaculate Collegiate Football. One of their super-premium NCAA offerings, the quarterback has other autographs in the product as well.

Parallels: Ruby (/49), Gold (/25), Purple (/15), Emerald (/13), Laundry Tag Brand Logo (/4), Brand Logo (/2), Conference Logo (1/1), Platinum (1/1), Team Logo Shield (1/1)

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2022 Panini Mosaic Draft Picks Autographs Mosaic Brock Purdy #A-BPU

Purdy’s signature appears on two different cards in 2022 Panini Mosaic Draft Picks, a product that was exclusive to Panini’s website: Autographs and Scripts. Both a fair generic in their theme but the look is all Mosaic with the spinning background pattern.

Parallels: Gold (/10), Black (1/1)

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2022 Panini Mosaic Draft Picks Scripts Mosaic Brock Purdy #43

Parallels: Gold (/10), Black (1/1)

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2022 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Brock Purdy AUTO PATCH #90 /99

As far as Brock Purdy’s college cards go, this is the big one. Even when it comes to collegiate cards, which aren’t as valuable to comparable NFL cards, National Treasures carries clout. A jumbo swatch and on-card signature are among the highlights. A low print run is also part of the equation. Like Immaculate, Purdy has other autographs in 2022 Panini National Treasures Collegiate Football as well.

Parallels: Blue (/49), Silver (/39), Purple (/25), Red (/11), Gold (/10), Emerald (/5), Team Slogan (/5), Brand Logo (/2), Conference Logo (1/1), Platinum (1/1), Team Logo Shield

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2022 Select Draft Picks Rookie Signatures Brock Purdy #RS-BPU

With no Prizm Draft Picks in 2022, this is the closest collectors will get to a standard chromium design with a Brock Purdy autograph. The Cyclones alum has a second autograph in 2022 Select Draft Picks as part of the Youth Explosion Signatures set.

Parallels: Prizms, Orange Pulsar Prizms (/30), Tie-Dye Prizms (/25), Prizms (/10), Gold Prizms Lazer (/5), Green Prizms (/5), Light Blue Lazer Prizms (/5), Purple Lazer Prizms (/5), Red Lazer Prizms (/5), White Lazer Prizms (/5), Black Prizms (1/1)

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