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Black Friday Yu-Gi-Oh deck deals feature dragons and gods galore


Yu-Gi-Oh has a number of structure decks on sale for Black Friday, including some much-needed new support for fan-favorite archetypes.

Structure decks have always been a big part of the Yu-Gi-oh experience, with players able to crack open a deck and get dueling right out of the box. Now, many highly-valued structure decks are being discounted as part of Magic Madhouse’s Black Friday sales.

Blue-Eyes, Crystal Beasts, Egyptian Gods, and more are all part of the Black Friday sales, so take a chance on a brand new deck and expand your dueling horizons.

Yu-Gi-Oh Egyptian Gods Structure Deck: Slifer the Sky Dragon


One of Yu-Gi-Oh’s most iconic cards, Slifer became famous as the Signature god card of the anime’s protagonist. An immensely sought-after card in the early days, Slifer the Sky Dragon and its fellow gods have remained iconic all throughout the game’s history.

Featuring divine beast support and reactive gameplay to keep your opponent’s zones clear, Slifer will help you command the game and soar straight to victory.

Legend of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck

MTG Yugioh decks rainbow dragonKonami

A beloved archetype from Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Crystal Beasts’ power has unfortunately never measured up to their popularity. That is, until now!

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The Legend of the Crystal Beasts Structure Deck will up Crystal Beasts’ consistency significantly, adding in new boss monsters like an improved Rainbow Dragon to finally allow these cards to pack a real punch. If you have fond memories of the GX era or simply want to try out a classic group of monsters, this deck is for you.

Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck

MTG Yugioh decks Blue EyesKonami

Arguably the game’s most iconic monster of all time, Blue-Eyes White Dragon has evolved from a single monster to a whole group of overwhelmingly powerful beasts.

No longer only focusing on high attack power – though this deck still has plenty of that – Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a well-rounded deck and a perfect gift for Yu-Gi-oh fans new and old.

More Yu-Gi-Oh products are sure to be on sale as we draw closer to Black Friday, including tins and booster packs, so keep an eye out for duelists’ discounts all week long.

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