Bandai Brings ‘Battle Spirits TCG’ Back to Life


‘Battle Spirits Saga Set 01,’ Starter Decks, and ‘Core Set 01’ Box Coming Next Year

Bandai will release a new Battle Spirits Saga TCG line, consisting of a booster set, starter, and a core box, into to retail in spring 2023.

Battle Spirits TCG, designed by Mike Elliott, first hit U.S. shores in 2009 (see “‘Battle Spirits TCG’ to U.S.“), and had a five-set run in English editions. After the successful resurrection of Digimon CG (see “Bandai Revives ‘Digimon’“), it appears this Bandai TCG is their next game coming back for another go around. The Battle Spirits Saga Set 01 is a new booster display that will feature cards that create a new gameplay experience. This set will have 272 total types of cards: 68 commons (normal/holo versions), 32 uncommons (normal/holo versions), 24 rares (normal/holo versions), 12 X Rares, 11 Special Rares, and a Top Rare.

The set will showcase plenty of card treatments for collectors with X Rares, Special Rares, and Top Rares are all coming in holo with texture foiling. Each pack comes with 12 cards, and displays will have 24 packs. Booster packs will retail for $4.99.

Along with the booster display, Bandai will also release four Battle Spirits Saga Starter Decks and a Battle Spirits Saga Core Set 01 boxes. The starters come with 50 deck cards, 30 Core, a Soul Core, and a play sheet for $14.99. There will be four different starters: Red, Purple, White, and Yellow. Battle Spirits Saga Core Set 01 boxes come with 2 booster packs, a promo card, 15 Core, and a Soul Core for $9.99.

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