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We’re excited to share some details on a new upcoming product from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME: Launching, Friday, June 21, 2024, Battles of Legend: Terminal Revenge (MSRP: $4.49 per Pack*) combines the storytelling of the Hidden Arsenal series...
Legend Story Studios announced Part the Mistveil, a new Flesh and Blood TCG booster set, which will hit stores on May 31, 2024. The 13th Flesh and Blood TCG set will explore the cloaked valleys of...

Earned, Not Bought: 6 Mega-Expensive ONE PIECE Card Game Tournament Prize Cards

Some of the rarest and most expensive ONE PIECE Card Game cards were originally distributed as tournament prize cards.

ONE PIECE Card Game New Era Protagonist OP-05 24Pack Box, one piece card game

BANDAI New ONE PIECE Card Game New Era Protagonist OP-05 24Pack Box is available on Hobby Genki!! Worldwide Shipping tracking number! Leader alt-art...

What Should One Piece TCG Beginner Buy?

Do you want to start playing One Piece, but in doubt what to get first? This article can help you find best items for...

One Piece Star Mackenyu Hones His TCG Skills With Eiichiro Oda

Mackenyu, the actor behind Zoro in Netflix's One Piece, preps his TCG decks with Eiichiro Oda

Charlotte Katakuri One Piece Custom Anime Jersey Baseball Shirt –

Charlotte Katakuri One Piece Custom Anime Jersey Baseball Shirt | baseball shirt style -

ONE PIECE Card Game Booster Pack Release: 500 Years in the Future [OP-07]

Booster packs from the ONE PIECE Card Game 500 Years in the Future set will be released on 24 February 2024

Best Collector Trading Cards For Gamers

Start or enhance your trading card collection with these titles perfect for gamers.

One Piece Card Game Introduces Special Set for Netflix Live-Action Series

Set of 9 cards launch in Japanese in February 2024, English in April 2024

ONE PIECE Card Game Extra Booster EB-01 Memorial Collection Card List & Details

The first-ever 'special set' from the ONE PIECE Card Game series is Extra Booster , titled as "Memorial Collection". Check out the full card...

Pokémon TCG Wild Force SV5K / Cyber Judge SV5M Card List & More Info

The first Japanese Pokémon Card Game release of 2024 is Wild Force and Cyber Judge . Find out what the rare Pokémon cards...

One Piece Card Game: The Most Valuable Original Art Cards

Value and viability in-game go hand-in-hand together in One Piece Card Game's original art cards.

One Piece Card Game booster box drops 36% to incredible price

Now's your chance to claim this valuable treasure and get a head-start in a card game that is quickly growing in popularity.

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