Advanced Deck Beelzemon – First Card Reveals!


In the last couple of weeks, we have been getting information about the very first Advanced Deck Beelzemon releasing in both the English and Japanese games. All of the cards included in this deck will have a silver foil, which is a first for the game. This deck has been designed to offer new players a more powerful deck to jump straight into the game, as well as allowing current players to build a deck around the advanced archetype. In this article, we share the first cards of the Advanced Deck Beelzemon. 

 Beelzemon Advanced Deck content – 

  • Constructed Deck of 54 cards
  • 9 x ‘Lucky Deck’ / Switch cards
  • 2 x Memory Gauges
  • 60 X Themed Card Sleeves

Advanced Deck Beelzemon Deck List –

  • ST14-01 Yaamon x4
  • ST14-02 Impmon x2
  • ST14-03 Candlemon x4
  • ST14-04 Phascomon x4
  • ST14-05 Porcupamon x4
  • ST14-06 Witchmon x4
  • ST14-07 Baalmon x4
  • ST14-08 Beelzemon x2
  • ST14-09 Beelstarmon x2
  • ST14-10 Beelzemon Blast Mode x2
  • ST14-11 Ai and Makoto x4
  • ST14-12 Warring Shots (Ken’en no Kyoudan) x2
  • BT2-068 Impmon x4
  • P-077 Wizardmon x4
  • BT8-079 Skullsatamon x4
  • EX2-071 Death Slinger x4
Inherited: [When Attacking] (Once per turn) If this digimon has ‘Wizard’ or ‘Demon Lord’ in its traits, trash the top 2 cards from your deck.
[When attacking] If you have 20 or more cards in your trash this digimon may digivolve into 1 ‘Beelzemon’ from your trash ignoring digivolution requirements.

Inherited: [Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck delete 1 of your opponent’s lvl 3 digimon.

Advanced Deck Beelzemon
[On Digivolve] Trash the top 4 cards from your deck.
[All Turns] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, for each 10 cards in your trash, gain +1 memory. [Your Turn] (Once per turn) When you trash a card from your deck, this digimon gains for the turn.
Advanced Deck Beelzemon
[On Digivolve] Trash the top 3 cards from your deck. [On Digivolve] Until end of opponent’s turn, this digimon gains the following effect; ‘[On Deletion] If your trash has 10 or more cards, you may play 1 ‘Beelzemon’ from your trash without paying its play cost.’

Inherited: [Your Turn] If this digimon has ‘Wizard’ or ‘Demon Lord’ in its traits it gains +2000 DP.

[On Play] Trash the top 2 cards from your deck

Bandai will be offering special pre-release tournaments where players can only use purple decks to celebrate the release of the Beelzemon Advanced Deck. Those looking to try out the new cards in the event can check out the deck’s tutorial page on the official Digimon Card Game website. The Beelzemon Advanced Deck will release on March 24th 2023 for the English version of the Digimon Card Game.

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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