Aaron Judge Rookie Cards Guide and Key Prospects


As an imposing figure on a storied franchise, Aaron Judge hardly snuck up on anybody and his cards were quickly available following his selection in the 2013 draft. While his MLB debut in 2016 gave way to a slow start, there were still flashes of power and potential. Now that he has shown what he can do for the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge rookie cards and prospects are taking off with collectors like one of his towering home runs.

Judge made his case for hobby star in his first full season, easily winning the AL Rookie of the Year. He also set the new single-season rookie record for home runs. Injuries slowed his ascent, but when healthy, he’s one of the best sluggers in the game.

Despite his initial MLB foray in 2016, the official Aaron Judge rookie cards did not come until 2017. However, his earliest cards, and some of the most popular options for Judge, released in 2013. This includes a lot of early Aaron Judge autographs.

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The guide below contains all the Aaron Judge rookies cards from 2017 baseball products, as well as notable prospect releases that came before 2017.

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Aaron Judge Rookie Card Gallery

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2017 Bowman Aaron Judge RC #32

One of the most basic Aaron Judge rookies comes in 2017 Bowman. Values remain low but if you are looking for an inexpensive option from a popular brand, Bowman is a solid place to start. He also has a Chrome Rookie Autograph that was inserted as a redemption.

While he is not in the base set, Judge has exclusive Refractor parallels (and autographs) for the Rookie of the Year Favorites insert in the Target-only 2017 Bowman Mega Box Chrome release.

In addition, there is a smaller chromium version of his base rookie (with parallels) in the 2017 Bowman Chrome Mini complete set.

2017 Bowman Chrome Aaron Judge RC #56

I see your Bowman and I raise you some Chrome with a short print image variation on the side! Although the design does not really change between the Bowman sets, the 2017 Bowman Chrome Aaron Judge rookie card is a little more eye-catching with the shiny finish.

2017 Bowman Chrome Baseball

Swapping in a dugout shot of Judge, the SSP rookie variation offers an added chase.

2017 Bowman Platinum Aaron Judge RC #91

Issued in the Walmart-only 2017 Bowman Platinum set, this base foil rookie for Judge is one of the earliest options to show him in the dark Yankees jersey, as opposed to the light gray uniform or pinstripes, which is much more common. In addition to a few base parallels, Judge is also part of several inserts but the signed versions are all redemptions.

2017 Bowman’s Best Aaron Judge RC #1

With lots of background elements and a colorful style, 2017 Bowman’s Best offers an Aaron Judge rookie with a design brashness to it. Judge is in a few inserts, as well, plus he has autographs in Best of 2017, Monochrome, Raking Rookies and a dual signature with Clint Frazier. However, all four come as redemptions.

2017 Bowman’s Best Baseball

2017 Donruss Rated Rookie Aaron Judge RC #38

Another low-cost rookie card, 2017 Donruss doesn’t have MLB logos but it does tap into the established Rated Rookie line. In addition to several base parallels, Judge has a sticker autograph in the Signature Series insert.

2017 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie Aaron Judge RC #38

Like Chrome does for flagship Topps, 2017 Donruss Optic puts the chromium splash on the main Donruss set. This includes a colorful rainbow of Judge Prizm parallels and on-card autographs. Collectors can also find limited, hard-signed editions that pay tribute to past Rated Rookie designs.

2017 Donruss Optic Baseball

2017 Donruss Optic Baseball

2017 Panini Chronicles Aaron Judge RC #110 #/499

In terms of sheer variety for Aaron Judge rookie cards, nothing can compete with 2017 Chronicles. Beyond the base card for the brand, there are Judge RC options from Absolute, Contenders, Gold Standard, Prizm and Spectra.

2017 Panini Chronicles Baseball

2017 Panini Diamond Kings Aaron Judge RC #138

Working better with the lack of logos, the Aaron Judge rookie card in 2017 Diamond Kings is artistic and colorful. This base option is joined by a sticker autograph with a pair of small relics in the Rookie Signatures set. The main autographed card has 299 copies to go with several lower parallel tiers.

2017 Panini Flawless Aaron Judge RC #101 Base Gems, #102 Alma Mater, #103 Milestones, #104 All-Stars (all #/20)

Not your average product, Judge has four “base” rookies in 2017 Flawless that each include gemstones and a print run of 20 or less. Providing more to track down, Judge has multiple on-card autographs in the set, and some premium patches, too.

2017 Panini Immaculate Collection Aaron Judge RC #113 Autograph Patch #/99

If you are looking for something else from Panini that goes a bit more high-end, 2017 Immaculate is worth checking out. The main Judge rookie, numbered to 99 copies, has a small swatch and on-card autograph. There are several other hard-signed Aaron Judge cards and some ridiculous memorabilia cards.

2017 Panini Immaculate Collection Baseball

2017 Panini National Treasures Aaron Judge RC #162 Autograph Patch #/99

Similar to Immaculate, 2017 National Treasures offers collectors an on-card Aaron Judge rookie card from a respected brand. Also numbered to 99, the larger patch is the main difference. He has a college version in the set with the same print run.

2017 Panini National Treasures Baseball

2017 Topps Series 1 Aaron Judge RC #287

Flagship is always a draw even though values never get too high. It also helps that it is the first release of the year, and Judge’s first rookie card available. In this case, the 2017 Topps Series 1 Aaron Judge card comes in a primary version where he is preparing to catch a pop fly, and the SSP variation that shows an intense Judge waiting in the dugout. The complete factory set variation has him running.

Another intriguing option is found in the 1987 Topps Baseball insert complete with wood-grain borders. The popular choice here is the 1987 on-card autograph for Judge.

There is also a miniature version in the online-exclusive 2017 Topps Mini Baseball.

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Aaron Judge RC #172, Mini Exclusive #361

Found in both full-size and mini versions, the 2017 Allen & Ginter Aaron Judge rookie card is simple and elegant with a retro design and framed image. Much better in person, the hot-box only, full-size Foil cards add a little extra pop. Shown below on the right, a mini with a different image is exclusive to the Rip cards, and considerably more rare. Judge is also part of the framed autograph set, but his card is a redemption.

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter X Aaron Judge RC #172

Skewing darker is the online-exclusive that shrinks A&G down to just the base set, mini parallels, framed mini autographs and a few standard inserts. Basically just an all-black parallel, 2017 Allen & Ginter X includes a regular-sized card and mini rookie for Judge. There is also a signed card released as a redemption.

2017 Topps Archives Aaron Judge RC #62

2017 Topps Archives treated collectors to a vintage design for the Aaron Judge rookie card that honors 1960 Topps. If you need a little more of a challenge, several color parallels are joined by a Grey Back edition for Judge. Perhaps most popular is his hard-signed Fan Favorites Autograph.

2017 Topps Archives Baseball2017 Topps Archives Baseball

2017 Topps Archives Signature Series Aaron Judge Autographs

Repacking many of his prospect cards, the draw for these 2017 Archives Signature Series Aaron Judge releases stems from the on-card autograph. The buybacks are also encased and numbered. Collectors can find options from multiple sets, all limited to 99 or less.

2017 Topps Archives Snapshots Aaron Judge RC #AS-AJ

The online-exclusive 2017 Topps Snapshots card for Judge may appear more like a Polaroid shot than a standard card. In addition to the base, Judge has few base parallels and autograph redemption. The signed card also has several parallels.

2017 Topps Archives Snapshots Baseball

2017 Topps Bunt Aaron Judge RC #20

Inexpensive and readily available, 2017 Topps Bunt is an intriguing choice for budget collectors or those who are big fans of the Topps Bunt digital app. In addition to several numbered parallels, there is a very limited Signature Series autograph with only 30 copies.

2017 Topps Bunt Baseball

2017 Topps Chrome Aaron Judge RC #169

Applying the popular technology to the Series 1 card for Judge, 2017 Topps Chrome gives collectors a base card that is sure to remain in demand, as well as the SSP image variation, various Refractor parallels, and most notably, an on-card rookie autograph.

2017 Topps Chrome Baseball

2017 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition Aaron Judge RC #287

Collectors can locate a premium option in 2017 Topps Chrome Sapphire Edition, and another hard-signed rookie autograph.

2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Aaron Judge RC #CAAU-AJ/AJU Autograph

Found in the debut release of the all-acetate, all-autograph brand, the 2017 Topps Clearly Authentic Aaron Judge rookie card was originally issued as a redemption. Featuring a clear-stock version of the flagship design, the autographed card includes several limited parallels. Judge actually has two different signed cards in the base set, including one batting image and the one staring off that is shown below.

2017 Topps Definitive Collection Aaron Judge Rookie Autographs

Along with an expensive box price, 2017 Topps Definitive Collection is home to several Aaron Judge autographs. In addition to the base autograph relic, Judge fans also have two different rookie autographs, an inscription autograph, and a framed autograph and auto relic. Given the premium designs, hard-signed autographs and low print runs, you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them.

2017 Topps Diamond Icons Aaron Judge Rookie Autographs

Featured in several sets, the 2017 Diamond Icons rookie autographs for Aaron Judge are expensive and rare. Each numbered to 25 copies, this includes the main vertical option, the horizontal layout with red ink, and the horizontal Diamond Autographs insert.

2017 Topps Diamond Icons Baseball

2017 Topps Dynasty Aaron Judge RC #AP-AA1 to AA3 Autograph Patch #/10

If you want low print runs to go with your patch and on-card autograph, 2017 Topps Dynasty is the set for you. Judge has just 10 copies of his main auto relic, but there are at least three different versions, each with a different image.

2017 Topps Dynasty Baseball

2017 Topps Finest Aaron Judge RC #2

Much busier with many shiny Refractors to chase, the Aaron Judge rookie in 2017 Topps Finest uses a mashup of shapes to help the player image stand out. Judge is also in the main autograph set which adds an on-card signature to the primary design.

2017 Topps Finest Baseball

2017 Topps Fire Aaron Judge RC #62

Burning hot just like his first full season, the 2017 Topps Fire rookie for Judge is easily one of his most unique with an aggressive background design. While his autograph and autograph patch cards are both redemptions, he is also in the Monikers insert as “The Animal.”

2017 Topps Fire Baseball

2017 Topps Five Star Aaron Judge RC #FSA-AJ

Going a little louder than prior designs, the main autographed rookie for Judge in 2017 Five Star has quite a lot going on. If you are interested in more than the base and parallels, he is also in the Silver Signatures insert that has only 50 primary copies.

2017 Topps Five Star Baseball

2017 Topps Five Star Baseball

2017 Topps Gallery Aaron Judge RC #117

Featuring a hand-drawn image, and exclusive to Walmart, the 2017 Topps Gallery Aaron Judge rookie card is a budget-friendly work of art. In addition to several base parallels, Judge has a base autograph (redemption) and he is included in the throwback Heritage insert.

2017 Topps Gold Label Aaron Judge RC #86

While the base set in 2017 Topps Gold Label seems simple, it offers three different cards for each player, and that includes a trio of Aaron Judge rookie cards. Increasing in rarity, the distinction is made for each larger Class image (on the left), with Class 1 using a fielding shot, Class 2 going with a swing of the bat, and Class 3, which is the rarest, providing a running image for Judge. Limited Black, Blue, Red and Gold parallels can be found for each, and Judge also has a Framed Autograph insert, but it comes as a redemption.

2017 Topps Gypsy Queen Aaron Judge RC #168

Providing some ornate detail and colors to the main design, 2017 Gypsy Queen proves an affordable card can still look very nice. More limited choices consist of the Capless variation, on the right, and the on-card autograph for Judge.

2017 Topps Heritage Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin RC #214

Relying on ’68 Topps means the 2017 Heritage Aaron Judge rookie card displays the distinct border and also shares space with another player. Joining him on the card, teammate Tyler Austin is along for the ride. If the dual-player format is not your style, Judge has his own card as part of the Rookie Variations and the same basic card is used for his Real One Autograph.

2017 Topps High Tek Aaron Judge RC #HT-AJ

One main image with nine different acetate designs, Aaron Judge rookie card collectors have a lot of work to complete the set in 2017 Topps High Tek. He’s also in the on-card autograph insert as a redemption.

2017 Topps Holiday Aaron Judge RC #HMW99

Think flagship with a winter finish and you might end up with 2017 Topps Holiday. The seasonal snowflake design is exclusive to boxes at Walmart, and Judge comes in the base set and autograph parallel (redemption).

2017 Topps Holiday Bowman Aaron Judge RC #TH-AJ

Still need more Christmas delights? 2017 Topps Holiday Bowman is a hobby shop promo that applies several different finishes to the main Bowman rookie for Judge. This includes the Green Holiday Sweater (#/99) and Blue Winter Wonderland (#/50) versions shown below, plus a Turkey edition limited to 35 copies.

2017 Topps Holiday Bowman Baseball

2017 Topps Inception Aaron Judge RC #112 Autograph #/199

Part of the Base Rookie and Emerging Star Autograph subset in 2017 Topps Inception, collectors had to wait on this early Aaron Judge rookie card that originally came as a redemption. However, several signed Judge cards were live in the release, including his on-card Silver Signings cards with either silver or gold ink. He also has autographed relic inserts with sticker signatures.

2017 Topps Inception Baseball

2017 Topps Luminaries Aaron Judge Rookie Autographs

Another premium MLB set with several Aaron Judge rookie autographs, 2017 Luminaries packs only one card per box and all are limited to 15 copies or less and encased. Judge has two signed cards in Hit Kings, and two more in Home Run Kings.

2017 Topps Museum Collection Aaron Judge RC #95

The premium Aaron Judge rookie card in 2017 Museum Collection is not numbered but prices are strong considering it is just a base offering. Part of that is due to an expensive format with only a handful of base cards in each box, making the 100-card base set not the easiest to build. In addition to several limited base parallels, Judge signed for the Archival Autographs set (#/299 + parallels), while the case-hit Framed Autograph is a redemption.

2017 Topps Opening Day Aaron Judge RC #147

Normally thought of as a cheaper version of flagship Topps, 2017 Opening Day stills gives collectors a reason to track down the budget-friendly card. While the design is the same, the image is different from Series 1 and Judge also has a limited SSP variation shown on the right.

2017 Topps Stadium Club Aaron Judge RC #64

Selling impressive images more so than anything else, 2017 Stadium Club presents a side profile shot of a respectful Judge. While the base card is a popular choice, limited parallels and the Chrome versions command big bucks. Judge also has base and Chrome autographs.

2017 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

2017 Topps Tier One Aaron Judge Autographs

Despite not having a base set, 2017 Topps Tier One brings many Aaron Judge rookie autographs to the table. Outside of the one-of-one cards, he is found in Break Out Autographs (#/140), which has the RC logo, as well as the Clear One Autographs, Prodigious Patches Autographs, Tier One Relics Autographs and Dual Autograph Tier One Relic Books sets (with ARod).

2017 Topps Tier One Baseball

2017 Topps Transcendent Collection Aaron Judge RC #2 #/87

While many pricey sets may be considered “high-end,” nothing at this point comes even close to 2017 Transcendent. The $26,000 product includes Judge in the framed base set, main autograph insert (also framed, plus a variation image), and even in his own one-of-one Topps History set with only past designs and on-card autographs.

2017 Topps Transcendent Collection Baseball

2017 Topps Tribute Aaron Judge RC #17R-8

Found in a premium early-season set, the Aaron Judge rookie in 2017 Tribute is grouped with nine other RC players in a subset that averages two per case. Judge is also in the main Tribute Autographs insert with a hard-signed card numbered to 199 copies, and several color parallels of increasing rarity.

2017 Topps Triple Threads Aaron Judge RC #RPA-AJ Autograph Jersey #/99

Loaded with low-numbered hits, 2017 Topps Triple Threads did not forget the Aaron Judge rookie cards but it was issued as a redemption. Part of the Base Rookie and Future Phenom Autographed Relic subset, the Judge card is limited to 99 copies and there are also several tiers of numbered parallels.

2017 Topps Now Aaron Judge RC #87 (2,151 copies)

Judge also has several RC options as part of the on-demand 2017 Topps Now Baseball set. His earliest 2017 edition covers his April 26 birthday performance. Several more are available including signed cards. The rarest release is his Card of the Month (COTM) issue from May that was awarded as part of the Topps Now Loyalty Program. Shown shaking hands with Derek Jeter, there are only 198 copies.

Adding to that and coinciding with his actual MLB debut in the prior year, 2016 Topps Now Baseball provides some popular call-up choices.

Key Aaron Judge Prospect Cards

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Aaron Judge #BDPP19

While the autographed Aaron Judge prospects are normally preferred, the main Chrome card in 2013 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects is nothing to look down on. In fact, it is one of his most popular unsigned cards and likely to remain so. Judge also has a base version with paper parallels along with a boatload of chromium editions.

There is also a similar, but smaller, version that is part of the Bowman Chrome mini factory set.

2013 Bowman Chrome Draft Autographs Aaron Judge #BCA-AJ

All other Aaron Judge rookie cards are fighting for second place when compared to his 2013 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autograph. Although it pre-dates his official rookies by several years, collectors gravitate to the 2013 signature, pushing values very high. If the base version is not enough, you can try your luck acquiring one of the many low-numbered Refractor parallels.

2013 Bowman Sterling Prospect Autographs Aaron Judge #BSAP-AJ

A solid second choice if the BCA card is beyond your budget, 2013 Bowman Sterling gives collectors an on-card autograph and one of the most intimidating images of Aaron Judge. These, too, have multiple parallels.

2013 Elite Extra Edition Prospects Autographs Aaron Judge #122 #/599

Although Bowman tends to receive the most attention, there are several Aaron Judge prospects of note from other brands. 2013 Elite Extra Edition is one such option. The design is a little clunky and it does not have MLB logos but it does feature a specific print run of 599 copies and a hard-signed autograph from Judge. A variety of Status and Aspirations die-cut parallels increase that number a bit.

2013 Panini Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Prospect Signatures Aaron Judge #33

A much cleaner offering from Panini, 2013 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks is simple and modern. The rainbow chase extends to a handful of Prizm parallels.

2013 Leaf Aaron Judge Autographs (multiple sets)

Led by 2013 Leaf Trinity, Aaron Judge has several signed options across the 2013 Leaf lineup. While they are not licensed with the MLB or MLBPA, they do present on-card autographs, nice designs and fairly limited print runs. 2013 Leaf Metal Draft and 2013 Leaf Memories are other popular releases with Judge autographs.

2014/2015/2016 Bowman Inception Prospect Autographs Aaron Judge

Bowman Inception offers a trio of choices from 2014, 2015 and 2016 Bowman Inception that are readily available, have a unique design with an on-card signature, and present a more affordable price point than many of his other signed prospect cards.

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