A PSA organizational update. ➡️ https://t.co/ndOCE6dw49 https://t.co/63IRrJ8W88

A PSA organizational update.

➡️ psacard.com/communication

Congrats folks. Keep up the speedy returns 👏
where is the research request link? I can’t find it on your site
Research Requests can be made in our Customer Request Center when logged into your account!


Can you guys add more customer service representatives? The backup for the callback que is so long
I am extremely proud of the PSA team and all they’ve accomplished over the last year. I am also super excited to be leading the PSA Sales organization and creating more great products and services for collectors of all kinds!
How about someone from your company releases a statement on what’s happened to the thousands of cards sent 2 years ago in your possession sent through UK middleman services?