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2023 Sage High Series Football Cards

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Act two for the prospect brand, 2023 Sage High Series Football builds on the Low Series release with another round of college standouts.

Look for one autograph per Hobby pack and 16 signed cards in the full box. Hot boxes appear randomly with two autographs per pack (32 autographs per box).

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2022 Sage High Series Football Base / Inserts

2023 Sage High Series Football picks up the Low Series numbering to feature 100 base cards (#101-200). Both the Hobby and Blaster boxes come with format-exclusive parallels.

The set also fills in a base card gap from Low Series by adding card #13 for Cedric Tillman.

Base subsets include Sage All-Rookie Team and Next Level.

In addition, there are Peak Performance foilboard inserts.

2022 Sage High Series Football Autographs

The 2023 Sage High Series Football checklist has an abundance of autographs, as well. The main Autographs set includes Gold Level (#/100) and Blue Level (1/1) parallels.

Collectors can chase on-card autographs in Next Level Signatures.

The Sage All-Rookie Team Autographs set looks at notable performers.

Sneak Peek is another place to find autographs for top talent.

Estimated Release Date: April 2023 TBA
Hobby Configuration: 7 cards per pack, 16 packs per box, 16 boxes per case

2023 Sage High Series Football Hobby Box Break

  • 16 Autographs
  • 32 Exclusive Parallels

2023 Sage High Series Football Blaster Box Break

14 cards per pack; 5 packs per box (+3 autographs).

  • 3 Autographs
  • 20 Exclusive Parallels

Set Checklist

2023 Sage High Series Football Checklist

This is a preliminary checklist and subject to change. 

Base Set Checklist

101 cards. *Card #13 included from Low Series.*

PARALLEL CARDS: Retail, Hobby.

13 Cedric Tillman – Tennessee *
101 Bryce Young – Alabama
102 Adetomiwa Adebawore – Northwestern
103 Cam Smith – South Carolina
104 Israel Abanikanda – Pittsburgh
105 Daewood Davis – Western Kentucky
106 Justin Shorter – Florida
107 Trey Palmer – Nebraska
108 Devon Achane – Texas A&M
109 Keaton Mitchell – East Carolina
110 Derius Davis – Texas Christian
111 Michael Mayer – Notre Dame
112 Drew Sanders – Arkansas
113 Charles McClelland – Cincinnati
114 Luke Musgrave – Oregon State
115 Jaren Hall – Brigham Young
116 Dalton Kincaid – Utah
117 Jack Campbell – Iowa
118 Josh Downs – North Carolina
119 Travis Dye – Southern Cal
120 Jaylon Jones – Texas A&M
121 Jayden Reed – Michigan State
122 Chase Brown – Illinois
123 Nathaniel “Tank” Dell – Houston
124 Jordan Addison – South Cal
125 Emmanuel Forbes – Mississippi State
126 Daiyan Henley – Washington State
127 Eli Ricks – Alabama
128 Jake Haener – Fresno State
129 Luke Van Ness – Iowa
130 Ji’Ayir Brown – Penn State
131 Michael Wilson – Stanford
132 Joey Porter, Jr. – Penn State
133 Clayton Tune – Houston
134 Bryan Bresee – Clemson
135 Ronnie Hickman – Ohio State
136 Darnell Washington – Georgia
137 Owen Pappoe – Auburn
138 DJ Turner – Michigan
139 Noah Gindorff – North Dakota State
140 Christian Izien – Rutgers
141 Kade Warner – Kansas State
142 Dontayvion Wicks – Virginia
143 Zach Charbonnet – UCLA
144 Tim Demorat – Fordham
145 Luke Schoonmaker – Michigan
146 Jammie Robinson – Florida State
147 Zach Harrison – Ohio State
148 Ryan Greenhagen – Fordham
149 Ellis Merriweather – Massachusetts
150 Isaiah Foskey – Notre Dame

151 Tyjae Spears – Tulane
152 Eric Gray – Oklahoma
153 Kendre Miller – TCU
154 Brayden Willis – Oklahoma
155 Rakim Jarrett – Maryland
156 Cephus Johnson – Southeastern Louisiana
157 Titus Swen – Wyoming
158 Xavier Hutchinson – Iowa State
159 Brian Branch – Alabama
160 Will Anderson – Alabama
161 Malik Knowles – Kansas State
162 John Torchio – Wisconsin
163 Logan Bonner – Utah State
164 Deonta McMahon – McNeese State
165 Jalen Brooks – South Carolina
166 Myles Murphy – Clemson
167 Trenton Simpson – Clemson
168 Devon Witherspoon – Illinois
169 Christian Gonzalez – Oregon
170 Tank Bigsby – Auburn
171 Will Levis – Kentucky
172 Lindsey Scott, Jr. – The Incarnate Word
173 Trea Shropshire – Alabama-Birmingham
174 Toa Taua – Nevada
175 E.J. Jenkins – Georgia Tech
176 Bryce Young – Sage All-Rookie Team
177 Bijan Robinson – Sage All-Rookie Team
178 Jordan Addison – Sage All-Rookie Team
179 Dalton Kincaid – Sage All-Rookie Team
180 Will Anderson Jr. – Sage All-Rookie Team
181 C.J. Stroud – Sage All-Rookie Team
182 Zach Charbonnet – Sage All-Rookie Team
183 Will Levis – Sage All-Rookie Team
184 Michael Mayer – Sage All-Rookie Team
185 Quentin Johnston – Sage All-Rookie Team
186 Joey Porter Jr. – Sage All-Rookie Team
187 Zach Charbonnet – Next Level
188 Cedric Tillman – Next Level
189 Eric Gray – Next Level
190 Josh Downs – Next Level
191 Jake Haener – Next Level
192 Xavier Hutchinson – Next Level
193 Jaren Hall – Next Level
194 Dalton Kincaid – Next Level
195 Chase Brown – Next Level
196 Jordan Addison – Next Level
197 Trey Palmer – Next Level
198 Michael Mayer – Next Level
199 Bryce Young – Next Level
200 Devon Achane – Next Level

2023 Sage High Series Football Autograph Checklist

Autographs Set Checklist

115 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/100, Blue 1/1.

A-AA Adetomiwa Adebawore
A-AB Anthony Bradford
A-AC Avante Cox
A-AJ Alex Jensen
A-AJ2 Anthony Johnson
A-AU Amechi Uzodinma ll
A-BB Bryan Bresee
A-BB2 Brian Branch
A-BF Blake Freeland
A-BW Brayden Willis
A-BY2 Bryce Young
A-CB2 Chase Brown
A-CD Colton Dowell
A-CD2 Collin Duncan
A-CF Chuck Filiaga
A-CG Christian Gonzalez
A-CI Christian Izien
A-CJlll Cephus Johnson
A-CM2 Charles McClelland
A-CM3 Cody Mauch
A-CM4 Cameron Mitchell
A-CS2 Cam Smith
A-CS3 Christian Sims
A-CT Clayton Tune
A-CT Cedric Tillman
A-DA Devon Achane
A-DD2 Daewood Davis
A-DD3 Derius Davis
A-DH Daiyan Henley
A-DJ Demontrey Jacobs
A-DJT DJ Turner
A-DK Dalton Kincaid
A-DM2 Deonta McMahon
A-DN Durell Nchami
A-DS2 Drew Sanders
A-DW Darnell Washington
A-DW2 Dontayvion Wicks
A-DW3 Deuce Watts
A-DW4 Devon Witherspoon
A-ED Elijah Dotson
A-EF Emmanuel Forbes
A-EG Eric Gray
A-EM Ellis Merriweather
A-ER Eli Ricks
A-HH2 Hassan Hall
A-IA Israel Abanikanda
A-IF Isaiah Foskey
A-IL Isaiah Land
A-JA Jordan Addison
A-JB2 Ji’Ayir Brown
A-JB3 Jalen Brooks
A-JB4 James Bostic
A-JC3 Jack Campbell
A-JC4 Jeremy Cooper
A-JD Josh Downs
A-JF2 Junior Fehoko
A-JG Jovaughn Gwyn
A-JH2 Jaren Hall

A-JH3 Jake Haener
A-JH4 Josh Hayes
A-JJ Jaylon Jones
A-JK Jaxson Kirkland
A-JP2 Jimmy Phillips
A-JPJ Joey Porter, Jr.
A-JR Jayden Reed
A-JR2 Jammie Robinson
A-JS Justin Shorter
A-JT John Torchio
A-JW5 Joel Wilson
A-KB2 Karl Brooks
A-KK Khalil Keith
A-KM Keaton Mitchell
A-KM2 Kendre Miller
A-KW Kendall Williamson
A-KW2 Kade Warner
A-LB Logan Bonner
A-LK Logan Kendall
A-LM Luke Musgrave
A-LS Luke Schoonmaker
A-LSJ Lindsey Scott, Jr.
A-LVN Luke Van Ness
A-MB Matthew Bergeron
A-MK Malik Knowles
A-MM2 Michael Mayer
A-MM3 Matthew McKay
A-MM4 Myles Murphy
A-MW Michael Wilson
A-NG Noah Gindorff
A-NS2 Nesta Silvera
A-NTD Nathaniel “Tank” Dell
A-OP Owen Pappoe
A-RG Ryan Greenhagen
A-RH Ronnie Hickman
A-RH2 Ryan Hayes
A-RJ2 Rakim Jarrett
A-RW2 Rezjohn Wright
A-SA Steven Anderson
A-SM Scott Matlock
A-SW Spencer Waege
A-TB2 Tank Bigsby
A-TD2 Travis Dye
A-TD3 Tim Demorat
A-TP Trey Palmer
A-TS2 Trea Shropshire
A-TS3 Tyjae Spears
A-TS4 Titus Swen
A-TS5 Trenton Simpson
A-TT2 Toa Taua
A-WA Will Anderson
A-WH Wilson Huber
A-WL Will Levis
A-XH Xavier Hutchinson
A-ZB Zaire Barnes
A-ZC Zach Charbonnet
A-ZH Zach Harrison

Next Level Signatures Set Checklist

41 cards.

NLS-BY2 Bryce Young
NLS-CB2 Chase Brown
NLS-CG Christian Gonzalez
NLS-CM2 Charles McClelland
NLS-CR Chris Rodriguez Jr.
NLS-CS2 Chris Smith
NLS-CT Cedric Tillman
NLS-CT Clayton Tune
NLS-DA Devon Achane
NLS-DD Daewood Davis
NLS-DD2 Derius Davis
NLS-DK Dalton Kincaid
NLS-DW Devon Witherspoon
NLS-EH Elijah Higgins
NLS-HH2 Hassan Hall
NLS-IA Israel Abanikanda
NLS-JA Jordan Addison
NLS-JC Jacob Copeland
NLS-JC2 Jalen Cropper
NLS-JC4 Jack Campbell
NLS-JH Jake Haener

NLS-JH2 Jaren Hall
NLS-JJ Jaylon Jones
NLS-JM Jordan Mims
NLS-JW5 Joel Wilson
NLS-KG Kemore Gamble
NLS-LM Luke Musgrave
NLS-LSJ Lindsey Scott, Jr.
NLS-MM Marvin Mims
NLS-MM2 Michael Mayer
NLS-MM3 Myles Murphy
NLS-RJ Roschon Johnson
NLS-SH Sam Hartman
NLS-SJ Sam James
NLS-ST Sean Tucker
NLS-TB2 Tank Bigsby
NLS-TD2 Nathaniel “Tank” Dell
NLS-TP Trey Palmer
NLS-TS Trenton Simpson
NLS-TT3 Thayer Thomas
NLS-XH Xavier Hutchinson

Peak Performance Autographs Set Checklist

28 cards.

PKA-ATP A.T. Perry
PKA-BY Bryce Young
PKA-CB2 Chase Brown
PKA-CJS C.J. Stroud
PKA-CT Clayton Tune
PKA-DA Devon Achane
PKA-DK Dalton Kincaid
PKA-DW Dontayvion Wicks
PKA-EG Eric Gray
PKA-HH2 Hassan Hall
PKA-JA Jordan Addison
PKA-JD Josh Downs
PKA-JH Jaren Hall
PKA-JR Jayden Reed

PKA-KM Kendre Miller
PKA-KM2 Keaton Mitchell
PKA-KW Kade Warner
PKA-LM Luke Musgrave
PKA-LS Luke Schoonmaker
PKA-QJ Quentin Johnston
PKA-RG Ryan Greenhagen
PKA-TB Tank Bigsby
PKA-TD Tank Dell
PKA-TD2 Travis Dye
PKA-TD3 Tim DeMorat
PKA-TP Trey Palmer
PKA-WL Will Levis
PKA-ZC Zach Charbonnet

Sage All-Rookie Team Autographs Set Checklist

11 cards.

ARA-BR Bijan Robinson
ARA-BY Bryce Young
ARA-CJS C.J. Stroud
ARA-DK Dalton Kincaid
ARA-JA Jordan Addison
ARA-JP Joey Porter Jr.

ARA-MM Michael Mayer
ARA-QJ Quentin Johnston
ARA-WA Will Anderson Jr.
ARA-WL Will Levis
ARA-ZC Zach Charbonnet

Sneak Peek Autographs Set Checklist

8 cards.

SPA-AHB Ahmari Huggins-Bruce
SPA-AJ Austin Jones
SPA-BA Brennan Armstrong
SPA-CW Caleb Williams

SPA-DB Devin Baldwin
SPA-DL Devin Leary
SPA-JC Jacob Cowing
SPA-QJ Quinshon Judkins

2023 Sage High Series Football Insert Checklist

Peak Performance Set Checklist

29 cards.

PK-ATP A.T. Perry
PK-BY Bryce Young
PK-CB2 Chase Brown
PK-CJS C.J. Stroud
PK-CT Clayton Tune
PK-DA Devon Achane
PK-DK Dalton Kincaid
PK-DW Dontayvion Wicks
PK-EG Eric Gray
PK-HH2 Hassan Hall
PK-JA Jordan Addison
PK-JD Josh Downs
PK-JH Jaren Hall
PK-JR Jayden Reed
PK-KM Kendre Miller

PK-KM2 Keaton Mitchell
PK-KW Kade Warner
PK-LM Luke Musgrave
PK-LS Luke Schoonmaker
PK-QJ Quentin Johnston
PK-RG Ryan Greenhagen
PK-SJ Sam James (Base only)
PK-TB Tank Bigsby
PK-TD Tank Dell
PK-TD2 Travis Dye
PK-TD3 Tim DeMorat
PK-TP Trey Palmer
PK-WL Will Levis
PK-ZC Zach Charbonnet

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