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2023 Baseball Cards Release Dates, Checklists and Set Information

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This 2023 baseball cards release calendar also comes with plenty of related set information. It shows how things will take shape in the months ahead based on what has been announced. Upcoming releases are at the top, arranged by when they come out. Released products are found in the second section that can be easily access by clicking on a tab. These are sorted alphabetically.

In addition to acting as a basic tool for seeing when sets come out, this page also offers easy access to 2022 baseball cards checklists, price guides and other useful collecting information like variations guides. And if you’re looking to pick up some boxes? We have links for those, too. Think of it as a hub for almost everything you might need in the year ahead.

Bookmark this page and check back regular as this calendar will be updated regularly with new sets, price guide access and additional information. It’s an easy jumping point for all you need in one convenient place for just about anything to do with 2023 baseball cards.

2023 Baseball Cards: What’s In Store

The only licensed Major League Baseball cards are from Topps, who was purchased by Fanatics in 2022. This means that they’re the only company who can use MLB logos and uniforms. Throughout the year, the will offer a variety of products for both retail and hobby. Collectors can also find several sets and limited edition releases on the Topps website.

Other companies, such as Leaf and Onyx, will bring more baseball cards to market. These are often centered around draft picks and prospects.

Fanatics has appeared to have changed how they announce products. For years, Topps would announced their hobby products about six months in advance. Whether temporary or permanent, they’re now holding virtually all details until just a few weeks before release. This means a lot more unknowns far out, such as which products are coming out and when, but it should also mean fewer changes once something is announced.

Upcoming Releases

Upcoming 2023 Baseball Cards Release Dates and Product Information

Release dates are subject to change, and they often do. Sets are added only after they are formally announced. If it’s not here, we do not know if or when a particular release is coming out. If there is a date but no details, that is all the information we have at this time.

2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball

Release Date: February 15, 2023

Set Details

Buy on eBay:

2023 Topps Sterling Baseball

Release Date: May, 2023

Already Released

Already Released 2022 Baseball Cards

Below is a list of sets that are available now. They’re arranged alphabetically.

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