2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Gets Buggy


With 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions, the creepy crawlies are back. And so are athletes from a diverse mix of sports. The brand, which is known for its anything-goes approach, is bringing back one of its signature inserts that entombs bugs into trading cards like they might with memorabilia or other relics.

Hobby boxes promise a pair of hits or premium inserts along with an assortment of other inserts and parallels.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Checklist Overview

The base set remains consistent with recent years. The checklist totals 150 cards with the first 100 being the standard shell set. Splash of Color returns for the final 50 cards. These remain short prints, landing 1:7 hobby packs.

Collectors can look for athletes from a lot of areas. Of course, there are the major sports like baseball, basketball, football and soccer, but it also goes into some other areas that don’t see a lot of trading cards.

Goudey inserts are back. At 1:7 packs, they’re among the more plentiful cards in the product, almost a compliment to the base set. These also give top athletes on the checklist another change to appear, albeit with a different design and under another iconic hobby name.

The base set and Goudey inserts all have the same levels of Platinum variant versions, putting a chromium spin on select cards. Levels include:

  • Platinum – 1:7 hobby packs
  • Rainbow – 1:20 hobby packs
  • Red Rainbow – 1:40 hobby packs
  • Blue Rainbow – 1:60 hobby packs
  • Green Rainbow – 1:120 hobby packs
  • Orange Prism – /499
  • Pink Traxx – /299
  • Cosmic – /199
  • Ocean – /75
  • Chameleon – /49
  • Purple Pulsar – /23
  • Green Wave – /10
  • Golden Treasures – 1/1

Base cards and Goudey inserts also have Printing Plates.

The Splash of Color subset also has 3-D Lenticular versions that are part of an Upper Deck Bounty program. Those who build the set will have a chance for exclusive cards. 3-D cards come in three levels of rarity: Tier 1 – 1:40 hobby packs, Tier 2 – 1:178 hobby packs and Tier 3 – 1:1,600 hobby packs.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Autographs

Collectors will find on-card autographs in several places on the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist.

These start with Goodwin Autographs (1:60 hobby packs), which are adapted versions of the base set. Similarly, there are Goodwin Horizontal Autographs (1:640 packs), Goodwin Inscribed Autographs (1:3,000 packs) and Splash of Color Autographs (1:1,920 packs).

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Goudey Autographs Scoot Henderson

Goudey inserts also get the autograph treatment, landing 1:100 hobby packs. Top athletes in the product can be found in Goudey Sport Royalty Autographs (1:8,000 hobby packs).

Upper Deck revisits some of their past designs for other autographs. These include 2000 SP Authentic Football (/299), 2001 SP Authentic Future Watch Baseball, 2003 UD Top Prospects and 2003-04 Retro SP Authentic Rookie Authentics Autographs (/299 or /199, depending on the athlete).

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions 2000 SP Authentic Future Watch Autographs

The Bugs of 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions

For several years, Entomology cards were some of the most talked about in Upper Deck Goodwin Champions. The cards, which come in a variety of sizes, use the trading card medium to display actual bugs. They’re back, using a shadow box approach so that collectors can study every part of their wings, eyes, patterns and hairs—or to simply gross out friends and family members. Because of their size, all Entomology cards are redemptions.

This isn’t the only place to find bugs on the 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist. Interesting Insects is the product’s manufactured patch theme. These have five levels of rarity ranging from 1:96 hobby packs to 1:5,000 for the rarest.

Relics and Other Inserts

Relics in 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions take more of a historical approach rather than gear worn by athletes. In fact, you won’t find much in this department with athletes at all.

National Parks Map Relics come with pieces of maps that would make for one epic road trip:

  • Glacier Bay – /80
  • Redwood – /68
  • Petrified Forest – /62
  • Virgin Islands – /56
  • Mammoth Cave – /41
  • Death Valley – /33
  • Hot Springs – /21
  • Crater Lake – /20

The Lincoln Memorial is the focus of both Dedication Relics and Dedication Coin Relics (/22).

Other historically themed inserts include Museum Collection Lady Luck Relics (1:1,000 hobby packs), Museum Collection Discovering King Tut’s Tomb (/100), Historic United States Currency Relics (1:1,000 hobby packs), Heroic Beginnings (1:3,200 hobby packs) and World Traveler City Centric (1:960 hobby packs).

Goodwin Masterpieces return with original paintings done on trading cards. These come in two themes: Animal Kingdom and Athletes. In both instances, cards are numbered to 10.

Goodwin Portraits (1:54 hobby packs) is a large 90-card insert set showcasing reproductions original artwork. However, there original paintings are also available in packs.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Portraits Will Zalatoris

Returning for another year is Goodwin Playing Cards. Put the set of these together and you’ve got a themed deck of cards. Aces are 1:334 packs while all others combine to land 1:14.

A Home for Exquisite

It has been several years since Upper Deck released Exquisite as a standalone product. The original super-premium brand lives on, though, with small bursts of content in different products, usually hockey.

Goodwin Champions is another place. Here, there’s a base-style set with both veterans (/99) and rookies. Parallels include Gold Spectrum (/10) and Black (1/1). Autographs can also be found. This includes Rookie Auto Patch cards that have 99 copies each.

Exquisite Signature Kicks are back. Available in small numbers, these pair an autograph with a shoe piece. The memorabilia in these typically isn’t game-used although the sneakers match up with what the athlete would wear. Due to their size, Signature Kicks will be distributed as redemptions.

2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 5
Packs per box: Hobby – 20
Boxes per case: Hobby – 16
Set size: 150 cards
Release date (subject to change): TBA

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs, Memorabilia Cards, Manufactured Patch, Lenticular or Other Premium Inserts – 2 Total
  • Goodwin Playing Cards – 6
  • Base, Goudey or Splash of Color Platinum – 6 Total
  • Splash of Color Short Prints or Goudey Inserts – 6 Total

Recent Upper Deck Goodwin Champions releases:

The full 2022 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions checklist will be up as soon as it’s available, likely shortly before the set comes out.