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2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Details

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2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey sets near the top of the season’s high-end sets. It arrives with a checklist that includes a lot of on-card autographs, premium patches and other memorabilia combinations.

Of the six cards in every hobby box, four are hits including at least one autograph patch card done with acetate. A second signature and two memorabilia cards are also among the expected contents.

2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Checklist Overview

The 2022-23 Premier base set totals 150 cards, all of which come with serial numbers. The checklist breaks down into three distinct sections. Veterans (/299), represent the first 90 spots with Legends (/99) following at #91-100. Sixty Rookies round things out, each with 399 copies.

Vets and Legends have Gold (/65, Legends /25) and Platinum (1/1) parallels while Rookies have Bronze (/199), Gold (/65), Purple (/10) and Platinum (1/1).

Select cards also have autographs (Veterans – 1:4 packs, Legends – 1:125, Rookies – 1:5 packs) with their own Gold and Platinum (1/1) versions.

Veteran memorabilia parallels include Jersey (1:3 packs), Premium Memorabilia, Fight Strap (/5), Hockey Lace (/5), and Neckline (/3). Like the base versions, Legends are significantly tougher at 1:300 packs. Premium Memorabilia (/5) and Hockey Lace (/5) are the lone parallels for these. Rookie relics include Jersey (1:2 packs), Patch (/49 or /25), Fight Strap (/15), Hockey Lace (/5) and Neckline (/3).

2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Lace Connor McDavid


Acetate Rookie Auto Patch cards rank among the most coveted cards in recent Premier Hockey releases. Base versions have either 249 or 99 copies, depending on the player. Gold parallels drop down to print runs of 65 and 35 while Platinum are one-of-ones. Horizontal Rookie Auto Patch (/99 or /49) flip the layout 90 degrees. These also get the Gold (/25 or /15) and Platinum (1/1) treatment.

2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Horizontal Rookie Auto Patch Matty Beniers

Not all of the cards done with the plastic-like surface are rookies. 2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey also has Acetate Veteran Auto Patch. These have no more the 49 copies each with Gold versions maxing out at 10.

Premier Focus Autographs and Auto Patch cards use a dark design to create a different sort of look. Autographs and veteran autograph patches have 99 copies each with additional Gold (/15) parallels. Premier Focus Rookie Auto Patch cards take a tiered approach with either 149, 75 or 50 copies. Gold have 49 copies or fewer.

Premier Dynamic Imagery is new for 2022-23 Premier. Numbered to 125 and under, autographs these get their name for their emphasis on action photography. The theme also carries over to memorabilia cards (/300 or less).

Also making their debut are Premier Slapshots. Living up to their name, these autograph inserts picture players taking a slapshot. Veterans and Rookies are each 1:12 packs while Legends are 1:48. Gold parallels numbered to 10 are also part of each section.

2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey Premier Slapshots Alex Ovechkin Autograph

2022 Premier Rookie (/99 or /25) cards have an autograph and four swatches displayed with die-cut windows. Patch (/15) and Tag Patch (1/1) make up the parallels for these.

Adding a bit of a retro angle are 2003-04 Rookie Patch Auto (/99 or /49) cards. Scarce Gold parallels have no more than five copies each.

Memorabilia Cards

Various Mega Patch cards on the 2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey checklist get their name for their oversized pieces. Single-player versions include swatches from chest logos, sleeve numbers, shoulder logos and commemorative logos.

Mega Jersey cards come with combinations of two (/99), three (/49) or four (/15) players each. Patch parallels have noticeable smaller print runs to go with their premium swatches.

Rookie Patch-Tacular is another place for jumbo patches. Base versions, which use swatches from a chest logo, have 25 copies each. Gold (/5) use a shoulder logo patch while Black (1/1) opt for a logo button. There are also Dual Rookie Patch-Tactular (/25) cards that have similar parallels.

Other memorabilia cards on the 2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey checklist include Premier Attractions (/99 or less), Premier Gear (/49 or less), Premier Dual Jersey (/99), Premier Triple Jersey (/49) and Premier Quad Jersey (/25).

2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey cards at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 6
Packs per box: Hobby – 1
Boxes per case: Hobby – 10
Set size: 150 cards
Release date (subject to change): TBA

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Acetate Autograph Patch Cards – 1
  • Additional Autographs – 1
  • Memorabilia Cards – 2
  • Base Cards or Parallels – 2

Recent Upper Deck Premier Hockey releases:

The full 2022-23 Upper Deck Premier Hockey checklist and team set lists will be up as soon as they’re available, likely shortly before the product’s release.

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