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2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey Details

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2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey keeps with the brand’s tradition of not only delivering memorabilia in quantity but by reaching into other areas for pieces outside of the locker room. The high-end release has six cards per box led by either an autograph or a premium memorabilia card. Three additional relics or premium inserts are also among the in every box.

2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey Checklist

SPGU’s base set is one of the most complex ones in the hobby. The print run for each player is based on their jersey number. This means no more than 99 copies for the standard versions — sometimes much less.

Broken down into distinct sections for veterans, legends and Authentic Rookies, there are 230 total players on the checklist.

Standard parallels for all cards include Red (/200 + the player’s age), Gold (/100 + the player’s draft year), Purple (/5) and Green (1/1). Rookies also have new Crystal versions that have 25 copies each.

In addition to these, select cards also get upgrades with various combinations of signatures and/or memorabilia. Besides standard swatches, rarer versions have premium pieces like patches and tags. This includes the final copy for some base cards (ie 5/5, 55/55, 84/84) including an autograph.

Event-Specific Memorabilia

Throughout the year, the NHL has lots of special events. From All-Star festivities to the Stanley Cup Finals to the various outdoor games, many are represented on the 2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey checklist.

2022 NHL All-Star Jersey cards are among the easier ones to find with standard versions landing 1:3 packs. Patch parallels are numbered to 49 while Tags have just two. 2022 NHL All-Star Jersey Duals are 1:20 packs while following with similar patch (/35) and Tag (1/1) parallels. Tough Trio and Quad versions are also available.

Other memorabilia cards from 2022 All-Star events include Jumbo Fight Strap (/3) and Logo Patch (1/1). Jersey Banner (1:10 packs), Locker Nameplates, All-Star Accuracy (/25) and Mascot Dodgeball (/25) are among the cards that get away from traditional themes.

In a similar vein, there are 2022 NHL Stadium Series Jersey cards (1:15 packs), which have Patch (/35), Tag (/2) and Logo (1/1) versions.

Net Cord cards (/35) come from the 2022 All-Star Game, Heritage Classic, Stadium Series, Winter Classic and Stanley Cup Finals. All of these also have Gold parallels numbered to 5.

2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey Winter Classic Net Cord Gold Kirll Kaprizov

Puck pieces are available from each of these events as well.

Glass taken from the Stanley Cup Finals has also been embedded into cards for the product.

Banner Year is back for another year. These use pieces of the decorative banners hung in and around the sites of these special events:

  • All-Star Game – 1:5 packs
  • Stanley Cup Final – 1:11 packs
  • Heritage Classic – 1:20 packs
  • Winter Classic – 1:20 packs
  • Stadium Series – 1:22 packs

Some Banner Year cards also have autographs.

Additional Autographs and Memorabilia Cards

One of the new additions to the 2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey is Rally Time. Numbered to 50, these have a piece of rally towel in them.

2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey Rally Time Mario Lemieux

Other relic themes include Authentic Fabrics (1:10 packs), Rookie Sweaters (1:10 packs), Frameworks (1:20 packs), Back-to-Back All-Stars (1:240 packs), Rookie Blends (/150), A Piece of History (/99), STI-XL (/25), Supreme Materials (/15) and Supreme Patches (/15).

2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey Supreme Patches Alex Ovechkin

As for autographs, Draft Day Marks return. These use manufactured letter patches and collectors can take on the challenge of spelling out the player’s name. Each letter for each player is numbered to 35.

2022-23 SP Game Used Draft Day Marks Owen Power

Similar Mascot Marks make their first appearance in the product as well.

Inked Sweaters return for another year with separate checklists for rookies and veterans.

More Inserts

Not all of the inserts in 2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey are hits. The checklist has a handful of other themes that start out as standard inserts. That said, some have rarer versions that incorporate signatures and swatches.

The first is New Grooves, which is new unto itself. Regular parallels come in Red (/199), Gold (/99), Purple (/5) and Green (1/1). There are also Jersey (1:10 packs), Autographs (1:80 packs), Patch, Auto Jersey (/25), Auto Patch (/10), Purple Autographs (/5), Auto Tag (/2) and Green Autographs (1/1).

Purity inserts land every other pack and have Platinum (/150) and Gold (/35) parallels. Select cards also have autographs with either 49 or 25 copies.

Retro Renovations (1:20 packs) and Retro Renovations Rookies (1:12 packs) are inspired by the 2002-03 SP Game Used Basketball design. Patch (/15, Rookies /35) and Auto Patch (/10, Rookies /15) add premium twists.

2001 SPGU Retro Rookies Crossover and 2001-02 SPGU Retro Rookies add some more throwback designs. Base versions for both have 99 copies and are complimented by Gold (/25) parallels.

Another insert showing up for the first time is Rookie Outbursts (1:15 packs). Autograph versions are only slightly tougher to pull at 1:20 packs.

2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey at a glance:

Cards per pack: Hobby – 6
Packs per box: Hobby – 1
Boxes per case: Hobby – 18
Set size: 230 cards
Release date (subject to change): September 13, 2023

What to expect in a hobby box:

  • Autographs or Premium Memorabilia Cards – 1
  • Memorabilia Cards or Premium Inserts – 3
  • Base Cards or Additional Inserts – 2

Recent SP Game Used Hockey releases:

The full 2022-23 SP Game Used Hockey checklist and team set lists will be up as soon as they’re available, likely shortly before the product’s release.

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